The EGF Academy is managed by Viktor Lin 6d.

Application as participant

Please send your application to viktor (dot) lin (at) hotmail (dot) com at the latest one week before the respective cycle starts.
I need the following information:

You will get a response as soon as possible on whether you are accepted or not, and further information. The players are selected according to strength and age.

The participation fee is 15€ per cycle until cycle 4. (EGF pros are exempt from these fees. The players who took part in the CEGO training in Beijing are exempt for the term immediately following their return.)
We encourage the national Go association to carry the participation fees for their talented players. However, you need to sort it out by yourself with your national Go association.

Waiting list spectator

If you are elegible to participate, but cannot join because the Academy's capacity is full, you can decide to spectate for 5€ per cycle. You cannot play league games, but you can participate at lessons and access material on the website. You will become a regular Academy student when a place opens up.

You can send any questions to Viktor Lin, either via the e-mail address above or on KGS (user Sandmann).

Application as observer

Material previous cycles is open for observers who are not eligible to participate, in exchange for a donation. Please register an account and contact Viktor Lin.