The EGF Academy is intended only for the most outstanding players. Citizenship in an EGF member country required. 
Your eligibility will depend on your age and EGF rank. Currently the players in the EGF Academy are about: 2k-1d for 12 years old, 1d-3d for 15 years old, 4d and up for 20 years old and up.

Students in the EGF Academy will play each other, with every game being commented by the teacher. Furthermore they will attend lessons and gain access to all game commentaries. Students are welcome to present their tournament games for review.

Starting in Season 3, the participation fee is 15€ per cycle. (Please check the "application" section.)

The EGF Academy consists of 4 leagues.

NEW Starting in Season 5:
Please present a recommendation by your national go association or by the EGF Academy manager.

The top league (League 1) is reserved for players with at least 2550 rating. This part of the EGF Academy becomes a league where top European players train together.

In leagues 2-4, additional requirements are introduced:
-) Students must be able to communicate in English.
-) Minimum 2 kyu level.
-) Limitation to 3 players per country. (This serves to motivate countries with a larger youth base to create and maintain a national youth training.) There can be exceptions when additional players are recommended by the national association and the manager.

Waiting list places
In case there are more applicants than available places and the Academy's capacity is full, and you do not get a place despite being fully eligible, you will be on a waiting list, for 10€ per cycle (NEW), until a place opens up. The EGF Academy manager decides in all conscious which applicants get a playing/waiting list place. As a student on the waiting list, you cannot play league games, but you can participate at lessons and access material on the website.