Training our most talented youth for performance is a vital part of the development of Go in Europe as a sport.
The Academy project was possible due to sponsorship received from Ge Yuhong Go Academy, guaranteed for 2 years. We want to grow into a fully established institution with long term goals, increase the number of teachers and students, find more ways to motivate our students and teachers.
We need the support and cooperation of all Go players in Europe in order to secure and improve the training of the next generation of young European players in the EGF Academy, and to realise some future goals such as: a training camp for Academy participants, the establishment of a facility to help top players train together intensely in the distant future, perhaps going beyond the EGF Academy, to mimic the Chinese "national team" ... In return we can offer, besides the chance to be part of a very positive activity, valuable teaching materials produced by the Academy teachers. 

By donating you not only support the growth of a generation that one day will be able to compete on equal terms with the all powerful Asian players, but you get life-long access to the training material offered to the students. In order to make this a win-win situation for everyone, authentic teaching materials produced by the Academy teachers, including, but not only, a massive collection of game reviews of our students ranging from 3k to 7d with up to a hundred games per cycle. The teachers not only show the more intricate sides of Go, but also discuss the basics and principles of this game, so players from 10k as well as dan players will be able to profit from the materials.

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The amount to donate is free to choose. We are expecting around 25€ (or more or less) donation per cycle. Some cycles offer more materials than others, so we would be happy if you want to support the EGF Academy to a greater extent. It is also possible to get a kind of "bulk discount" if you want to see several cycles, just contact us! You can check below (after registering) which cycles you are interested in.

Contact: (mail to Academy manager Viktor Lin and Catalin Taranu)

Please contact us as well if you want to contribute in a different way!

Thank you!