Ge Yuhong Go Academy , the most successful and famous Go school in China, provides active professional players to train the European top players. The best teachers in Europe take care of the talented youngsters.

Zhao Baolong 2p Zhao Baolong 2p (赵宝龙)

Born in 1994, became pro in 2008.
Baolong is one of the teachers at China's biggest Go school, Ge Yuhong Go Academy. He was sent to Europe by Mr. Ge Yuhong who is very interested in supporting the progress of Go in Europe.
When Baolong is not in Europe (due to visa), he supervises the European players' training under the CEGO programme in Beijing.
As of October 2016, Baolong started working for the Chinese Go Association/IGF.
Li Cong 3p Li Cong 3p (李聪)

Born in 1991, became pro in 2005.
Li Cong assists Baolong when the latter is in China. He too was sent to Europe by Mr. Ge Yuhong. He was teaching in Berlin during his stays in Europe.
Catalin Taranu 5p Catalin Taranu 5p (Cătălin Țăranu)

Born in Romania in 1973, became pro at Nihon Ki-in in 1998 and reached 5 dan pro in 2001.
Catalin has since come back to Europe to spread his knowledge of Go. Although one of Europe's veteran top players, he has been strongly involved in Go teaching and organisation.

Alexandre Dinerchtein 3p Alexandre Dinerchtein 3p (Александр Григорьевич Динерштейн)

Born in Russia in 1980 and became pro at Hanguk Kiwon in 2002.
Alexandre is 7-times European champion and one of the most active Go teachers in Europe.