EGF Ing Grant Report 2004-2005


Through the grant of $60000 received from the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation in the year ending April 2005, work continued to promote Goe amongst children and to promote the Ing rules. Additionally receipt of Ing Goe equipment enabled Ing rules to be played where previously it was not, and for equipment to be available to children who otherwise would have none. For the continued support of the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation, many Goe teachers and Goe players are extremely grateful.

Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 2005

24 of Europe's top players travelled to the European Go and Cultural Centre in Amsterdam for the Ing Memorial. Like last year, the top four players all ended on 5 wins and were sorted by tie break. First was Fan Hui (from China but living in France), second Catalin Taranu (Romania), third Alexandr Dinerchtein (Russia) and fourth Guo Juan (Netherlands). The group on 4/6 was Dragos Bajenaru, Csaba Mero, Cornel Burzo and Zhao Pei. A 54 player side event was won by Filip Vanderstappen (Netherlands) and also there was a 10 player lower kyu division.

World Youth Goe Championships 2004

This was held in Vancouver in summer of 2004. Ing Fund money helped the European children by allowing support of extra team captains. The costs of the event itself were funded separately by the Ing Foundation.

European Youth Goe Championships 2005

This took place in Kosice in Slovakia. 94 under-18s took part. The best on tie break was Timur Dugin (4 dan Russia). Next placed were Bohdan Zhurakovsyy (3 dan Ukraine), Jun Tarumi (4 dan Germany) and Igor Nemly (3 dan Russia). There were 57 under-12s. Best was Mihai Serban (6 kyu Romania) with 5/5. Next placed were Joshua Chao (4 kyu Netherlands) and Oleg Kocherov (7 kyu Russia).

Ing Goe Equipment

Ing Timers and Goe Sets were despatched to the European Go Congress in Tuchola, Poland, where they were used to play the championship by Ing Goe Rules (as normal). As well as Poland, other countries receiving equipment were Czechia, Israel, Cyprus, Slovakia, Romania, Germany and France.


Continued support of European Goe has been provided by transfer some of the Ing Funds to investment accounts of the EGF.

Ing Grants 2004-2005

New projects for 2004-2005 were launched in Hungary and Romania, involving spreading Goe to many children. The Lithuanian Youth Team was supported in attending the European Go Congress in Poland. Two very active teachers of Goe to children from the UK were sent to Japan to study teaching methods in a tour arranged by professionals Yasuda and Yuki Shigeno.

Previous Ing Grants

Other projects supported by the Ing Fund continued during the year. The Polish Internet Academy and Schools project continued, and the European Youth Project continued with grants of equipment to Czechia and France.


pdf report (787 KB) of the Lithuania, Hungary and Romania projects.