EGF Ing Grant Report 2005-2006


Through the grant of $80000 received from the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation in the year ending April 2006, work continued to promote Goe amongst children and to promote the Ing rules, with some new events using Ing Rules. Additionally receipt of Ing Goe equipment enabled Ing rules to be played where previously it was not, and for equipment to be available to countries which otherwise would have none. For the continued support of the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation, many Goe teachers and Goe players, both weak and strong, are extremely grateful.

Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 2006

24 of Europe's top players travelled to the Sinaia in Romania for the Ing Memorial. First, for a second year, was Fan Hui (from China but living in France), this time with a clean 6 wins. Second was Alexandr Dinerstein (Russia) with 5/6. The group on 4/6 was headed by Dragos Bajenaru. There was also a side tournament for 60 non-qualifiers.

World Youth Goe Championships 2005

The 22nd World Youth Goe Championships were organised in Barcelona on behalf of the Ing Foundation by the Spanish Go Association. In the senior section top Europeans were Antti Tormanen from Finland and Igor Nemly from Russia who both won 3/5. Igor lost to Korea in the semi-finals and China's Tang Wei-Xing beat Taiwan's Lai Yu-Cheng. Winner of the final was Song Sang-Min of Korea. In the junior section, Na Hyun of Korea beat Joanne Missingham of Taiwan in the semis but, lost the final to Liao Xing-Wen of China (who beat America's Calvin Sun in the other semi). The costs of the event itself were funded separately by the Ing Foundation, but equipment and other assistance was provided from the European Ing Fund. The winners and other participants are pictured below.

European Youth Goe Championships 2006

This took place in Saint Petersburg in Russia. 66 under-18s and 68 under-12s took part. Winner with a perfect 6 was Russia's Ilia Shikshin (6 dan). Second was Rita Pocsai (4 dan) from Hungary. Best under-12 was Mateusz Surma (1 kyu Poland), on tie-break from Joshua Chao (3 kyu Netherlands), on 5/6.

European Women's Goe Championships 2005

The European Women's Goe Championship took place in Taucha near Leipzig in Germany. 24 women from nine countries took part: The players were able to get lessons from professionals Haruyama Isamu, 9 dan, Shigeno Yuki, 2 dan from Japan, and Svetlana Shikshina. The championship ended with Rita Pocsai (Hungary), Svetlana Shikshina (Russia) and Zhao Pei (Germany) tied for first. Rita also won the lightning tournament.

European Student Goe Championships 2005

The first ever European Student Go Championships was held in Helsinki. 36 students from 15 countries took part. Winner was Jan Hora (5 dan Czechia) and second was Csaba Mero (6 dan Hungary). Third was Merlijn Kuin (5 dan Netherlands). Top female was Manuela Lindemeyer (3 dan Germany). The top two men and top woman qualified for the world student games in Japan.

Ing Goe Equipment

Ing Timers and Goe Sets were despatched to the European Go Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, where they were used to play the championship by Ing Goe Rules (as normal). Countries receiving equipment (including demo boards and starter sets) were: Ukraine, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus, Russia, Hungary, Germany and France, and for the first time Iceland, where a new university club has been formed, and Northern Ireland, where a new club with 15 members has been started thanks to the grant.

Ing Grants 2005-2006

No new projects started during the year, but existing projects continued, such as the French teaching project (they received 30 demo boards and 9x9 boards as a grant). Support has been agreed for the 2006 Polish Children's Summer Camp 2006 there is a project for children about to start in Romania.