EGF Ing Grant Report 2007-2008


Through the grant of $80000 received from the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation in the year ending April 2008, work continued to promote Goe amongst children and to promote the Ing rules, used in several championships. For continued support of the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation, many Goe players, both weak and strong, are extremely grateful.

Ing Goe Equipment

Ing Timers and Goe Sets were sent to the European Go Congress in Villach in Austria where they played the championship by Ing Goe Rules. Territories receiving equipment were: Northern Ireland, Czechia, Romania and Austria.

European Women's Goe Championships 2007

Natalia Kovaleva European Woman and Pair Champion

At the end of June, the Russian Go Congress was held on a week's cruise by ship between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It was won by Alex Dinerchtein. The 2007 European Pair Go Championship was held alongside and Russia took the prize, with Natalia Kovaleva and Dimitrij Surin the winners. After the trip arrived in Saint Petersburg the European Womens Goe Championship was held. Natalia Kovaleva was again the winner, this time on tie break from Aigul Nareeva (also Russia) and Klara Zaloudkova (Czechia), the 2006 champion.

Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 2008

20 of Europe's top players travelled to Saint Petersburg in Russia for the Ing Chang-Ki Memorial. First for a fourth year was Fan Hui (from China but living in France), this time on 5 wins having lost to Svetlana Shikshina. Second on tie-break was Alexandr Dinerchtein who only lost to Surin. The group on 4/6 was Shikshin, Shikshina, Taranu, Lazarev, Balogh and Kulkov.

Internet Broadcast at Ing Memorial Second Alex Dinerchtein at Ing Memorial
Taranu and Silt counting up at Ing Memorial Winner Fan Hui at Ing Memorial
Winners at Ing Memorial

European Youth Goe Championships 2008

All players at EYGC 2007

This took place in Mikulov in Czechia. 101 under-18s and 58 under-12s took part. Winner in the Under-18 section, with a perfect 6 out of 6, was Artem Kachanovskyj (4 dan) from Ukraine. Second was Thomas Debarre (4 dan) from France, on tie-break from Javier Savolainen (Finland) and Andrij Kravec (Ukraine). Winner under-12 was Jurij Mykhaljuk (2 kyu) from Ukraine with 6; second was Russia's Nikita Khabazov and third Ukraine's Roman Koroljov. Highlights of the event were the fire act and the teaching by the pros.

Young players at EYGC 2008    Players at EYGC 2008

Under-12 winners at EYGC 2008     Under-18 winners at EYGC 2008

European Student Goe Championships 2007

The third European Student Goe Championships was held in Stockholm, Sweden, following their Leksand camp. 31 students from 11 countries took part in a six round McMahon. Three players ended on five. After tie-break the order was first Benjamin Papazoglou (5 dan France), second Martin Jurek (4 dan Czechia) and third Merlijn Kuin (6 dan Netherlands). Top female was again the 3 dan from Germany Manuela Marz (formerly Lindemeyer).

World Youth Goe Championships 2007

The 24th World Youth Goe Championships were organised in Boston in USA on behalf of the Ing Foundation. This year in the seniors three Europeans did very well and won 3 games: Artem Dugin (Russia), Dusan Mitic (Serbia) and Artem Kachanovskiy (Ukraine). The Russian made the cut, but lost to China and then Chinese Taipei in the finals stage to place 4th. EGF Ing money supported visas, local transport and additional team leaders.

Ing Grants 2006-2007

Support was given for teachers of children at the 2007 Polish Summer Camp and for a children's teaching programme in Hungary. Support was also given for teams of children from Austria, Netherlands and Czechia who visited the Hans Pietsch Memorial in Germany. You can read a report of this below.

We again thank the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Education Foundation for their continued support

Report about Particpating in HPM 2007

The Czech team for Hans Pietsch Memorial 2007 was formed of following players and members: Ondrej Kruml, 3 dan, Lukas Podpera, 2 dan, Anna Podperova, 17 kyu, team leader Jana Hricova and accompanying person Radka Podperova.

The team played for a school Gymnasium Nad Aleji where Lukas Podpera and Anna Podperova are students. Ondrej Kruml joined a team prospers from the condition for foreign teams that only two players have to be from the same school.

The tournament was held during the weekend of 22nd and 23rd September 2007. The team set out on the way on Friday afternoon, coming to Hamburg Rahlstedt where the tournament was held late evening.

On Saturday the tournament started. Czech team was included among best 16 teams according to the rating. First two rounds were played by KO system (seeded according to the strength) selecting the four best teams. These four teams then played round robin (3 rounds) to decide a winner. The Czech team won all of its games and become winner of the tournament.

The team left Hamburg-Rahlstedt on Sunday and returned to Czechia late in the night the same day.