TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet European Go Tour


Objectives and Structure


The official name is TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet European Go Tour. The support of Toyota Motor Europe and of IGS-PandaNet will together be more than Euro 25000 annually. Five yearly tournaments and seven tournaments on a rotation basis are part of the
TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet European Go Tour. Some 75% percent of the tour budget is allocated for prizes.

The generous support of TOYOTA and IGS-PandaNet makes it possible that, for the first time in the history of European Go, prizes are made available at the traditional tournaments. The tournaments are connected by a points system which leads to an overall ranking.

Apart from stimulating the participation of stronger players the most important goal of the TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet European Go Tour is to create large and lively events for everybody interested in Go. The organisers of the tournament are expected to do their utmost to attract as many players as possible. Also on this web site we give the prizes for each category, the division of the total budget and the schedule for the year.

The philosophy of the TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet Tour centres on a four track policy:

  1. Top players
  2. Maximum participation
  3. Organiser support
  4. Access to games via IGS-PandaNet

Top players

TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet European Go Tour, under supervision of the EGF, will make prizes available for the top players both at individual tournaments as well as for the overall ranking.

Maximum participation

Each country and their tournament committee will make arrangements to make their tournaments more attractive for the other players. They can do this through extra promotion, by organising special events, lotteries and anything else. The budget, which was in the past available for prizes for top players, must now be partly used to realise maximum participation.

Organiser support

Apart from the prizes at tournaments and the aim of mass participation, TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet Tour Tournaments will have to satisfy several quality requirements. The aim is to create a uniform image for tournaments that are part of the TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet Tour. These requirements will focus on technical and PR aspects. The EGF will actively assist organisers to be able to fulfil the requirements, including a financial contribution.

All events are promoted through the EGF web site.

Access to games via IGS-PandaNet

Organisers will try to provide real time game records using IGS-PandaNet, or failing that provide game records for broadcasting on IGS-PandaNet as soon as possible after the event. The top games from the 4 Majors and the Finals will certainly be broadcast live. Organisers will also advertise to participants about IGS-PandaNet.

The TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet Tour Tournament Conditions

To be part of the TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet Tour, tournaments must meet with the criteria mentioned above. Failure to do so will mean losing their place. Acceptance of a place in the Tour means acceptance by the tournament organisers of the obligations specified above.

The Tour stopped in April 2007 and was replaced by the Pandanet Go European Cup

Page last updated: 2007-04-23.