TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet European Go Tour


System for 2006

A new system was introduced after completion of the second cycle in Spring 2006.

There are still the Finals in Paris, 4 Majors and 14 events which are Tour events every two years (7 each year) called Supers.
Three of the smallest events (Dublin, Zagreb and Belgrade) left the Tour.

The Majors are: Amsterdam, Hamburg, Brno and London.
More points are awarded in Majors than in Supers.

In 2006/7 the Supers in the tour are:
Bled, Helsinki, Bucharest, Brussels, Gothenburg, Milan and Velden.

In 2007/8 the Supers in the tour are:
Budapest, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Kiev and Barcelona.

For the dates of events, please refer to the TOYOTA - IGS-PandaNet calendar.

System from 2000 to 2006

Based on the discussions with Toyota Motor Europe Marketing & Engineering, and in consultation with the Rules & Rating Commission the rotation schedule for the first two years was established and the system was used for two full cycles until Spring 2006.

Below you will find the initial rotation groups and example Toyota Tour Tournament calendars for the first years.

Initial Rotation groups

  • Majors (yearly)
    • Amsterdam
    • Hamburg
    • London
    • Prague
    • Paris (final)
  • Top Tournaments, Category B (two-yearly)
    • Brussels - Barcelona
    • Bucharest - Budapest
    • Velden - Bratislava
    • Bled - Warsaw

  • Top Tournaments, Category C (three-yearly)
    • Moscow - Belgrade - Kiev
    • Milan - Zagreb - Dublin
    • Goeteborg - Helsinki - Copenhagen

From Rotation 4, Moscow was promoted from Category C to Category B.

Example Toyota Tour Tournament Calendars for the first 2 years

Tournament schedule in 2000-2001:Tournament schedule in 2001-2002:
 1.Milan (Top C) April 2000          1.Budapest (Top B) May 2001
 2.Bled (Top B) May 2000  2.Amsterdam (Major) May 2001
 3.Amsterdam (Major) June 2000  3.Hamburg (Major) May 2001
 4.Hamburg (Major) June 2000  4.Warsaw (Top B) June 2001
 5.Moscow (Top C) July 2000  5.Zagreb (Top C) June 2001
 6.Prague (Major) September 2000  6.Helsinki (Top C) July 2001
 7.Brussels (Top B) October 2000  7.Prague (Major) September 2001
 8.Bucharest (Top B) October 2000  8.Bratislava (Top B) October 2001
 9.Goeteborg (Top C) November 2000  9.Belgrade (Top C) October 2001
10.London (Major) New Year 2001 10.London (Major) New Year 2002
11.Velden (Top B) March 2001 11.Barcelona February 2002
12.Paris (final) Easter 2001 12.Paris (final) Easter 2002

The Tour stopped in April 2007 and was replaced by the Pandanet Go European Cup

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