European Go Federation - Members' Joining Dates

The European Go Federation accepts new members through its annual meeting. The joining years of more recent new members are shown in the table below. (Defunct countries shown in brackets.) Countries can also be observer members before becoming full members.

As of 2016 there are 37 members as Azerbaijan and Latvia's memberships have lapsed.

Year Countries
2016 Georgia        
2015 Iceland        
2012 Kazhakstan        
2010 Latvia        
2005 Azerbaijan Bulgaria Cyprus    
2000 Bosnia Belarus      
1997 Armenia Israel      
1996 Turkey Lithuania      
1995 Serbia        
1994 Portugal        
1993 Czechia Slovakia      
1992 Slovenia Croatia Ireland Russia Ukraine
1990 (USSR) Romania      

Members prior to this year were:
Austria (founder), Belgium (1985), (Czechoslovakia), Denmark (1980s?), Finland (1985),
France (1972), Germany (founder), Hungary (1970s?), Italy (1980s?), Luxembourg (1980),
Netherlands (founder), Norway (1979), Poland (1984), Spain (1980s?), Sweden (1970s?),
Switzerland (1977), United Kingdom (1960s?), (Yugoslavia)