European Fujitsu Finals 2001

EGCC, Amstelveen, 29th November - 2nd December 2001

This was the 9th Fujitsu Finals. Winners are underlined.

1. round
Victor Bogdanov (6.dan) - Radek Nechanicky  (6.dan)           1:0
Nikola Jevtic (5.dan) - Laurent Heiser (6.dan)                0:1
Vladimir Danek (6.dan) - Emil Nijhuis (6.dan)                 0:1
Cristian Pop (6.dan) - Rudi Verhagen (5.dan)                  1:0
Geert Groenen (6.dan) - Svetlana Shikshina (5.dan)            0:1
Franz-Josef Dickhut (6.dan) - Bela Nagy (5.dan)               1:0
Frank Janssen (6.dan) - Tibor Pocsai (6.dan)                  0:1
Diana Koszegi (5.dan) - Alexej Lazarev (6.dan)                0:1
2. round (with seeded players)
Victor Bogdanov (6.dan) -  Juan Guo (7.dan)                   0:1
Andrej Kulkov (6.dan) - Laurent Heiser (6.dan)                0:1
Rob van Zeist (7.dan) - Emil Nijhuis (6.dan)                  1:0
Cristian Pop (6.dan) - Ion Florescu (6.dan)                   1:0
Catalin Taranu (5.dan pro) - Svetlana Shikshina (5.dan)       0:1
Franz-Josef Dickhut (6.dan) - Matthew Macfadyen (6.dan)       0:1
Alexandre Dinerchtein (6.dan) - Tibor Pocsai (6.dan)          1:0
Christoph Gerlach (6.dan) - Alexej Lazarev (6.dan)            0:1
3. round
Juan Guo (7.dan) - Laurent Heiser (6.dan)                     1:0
Rob van Zeist (7.dan) - Cristian Pop (6.dan)                  1:0
Svetlana Shikshina (5.dan) - Matthew Macfadyen (6.dan)        1:0
Alexandre Dinerchtein (6.dan) - Alexej Lazarev (6.dan)        1:0
4. round
Juan Guo (7.dan) - Rob van Zeist (7.dan)                      0:1
Svetlana Shikshina (5.dan) - Alexandre Dinerchtein (6.dan)    0:1
5. round
Rob van Zeist (7.dan) - Alexandre Dinerchtein (6.dan)         1:0
ZIP files of all games

Svetlana Shikshina

The surprise of the Fujitsu Finals of 2001 was Svetlana Shikshina, 6 dan, insei in Korea. She beat Geert Groenen, 6 dan, in the first round, by playing a better endgame. But without doubt the really big surprise came in the next round: She won her game against the seeded Catalin Taranu, 5 dan pro. She got a lot of thickness in the center and used that in an attack on some weak stones. He managed to set them free and to make them an opposing threat, but later he missed the right play to connect his stones definitely. Svetlana was in superb shape and showed in the quarter final "some interesting plays", in the words of her opponent Matthew MacFadyen. Although he had some influence, his attacking style was no use in this game. In the semi-final Svetlana met her fellow insei in Korea, Alexandre Dinerchtein. Finally in this game of big territories she lost with five and a half points. But this was by no means a blow to her happiness to come this far at the European Top of Go.

Rob van Zeist

Rob van Zeijst made a big mistake in his first game against Emil Nijhuis. He should have lost this game according his own saying. But in byo-yomi Robs fighting skills where getting on Emils nerves and now he began to make mistakes. In the end Rob won the game with a big margin. It wasn't easy for Rob, also against Cristian Pop in the quarter final. He won a tense game with the smallest possible margin. In the semi-final he met Guo Juan. She reached this semi-final relatively easy, compared to Robs way. Maybe this was Robs advantage, as both need to grow in a tournament like this. During their game both thought being in the lead. Afterwarts Guo Juan concluded that she made a mistake in positional judgement. So, Rob managed to reach the final in which he had to battle with Alexandr Dinerchtein. During life-analysis Kazuko Shoji, Guo Juan, Shigeko Hane and Kishiko Shimizu-van der Steen indicated that Rob, playing white, was in the lead after the opening. After the game Rob said to believe it was the other way around. Anyway he did win the final.

Photo Album

Nigiri between Jan van Frankenhuysen, Chairman EGCC and Tony Atkins, President EGF
Friendly game beetween
Franz-Josef Dickhut and Kei Shinada
Analysis of the final game by Kazuko Shoji, Guo Juan, Shigeko Hane and Kishiko Shimizu-van der Steen
The public followed the analysis
Rob van Zeijst showing his final win in this tournament