Pair Go Championships in 2015 in Tokyo
23.07.2015 21:26, Author: Pavol
Pair Go Championships in 2015 in Tokyo
Today the EGF got the information that on the 26th International Amateur Pair Go Championship held from 5th to 7th December 2015 9 pairs from Europe can participate. One of them are the European Pair Go Champions 2015, Rita Pocsai and Pal Balogh.

There is a new opportunity for European pairs this year, Europe can send 2 pairs to the 2nd World Students Pair Go Championship, which will be held at the same time as the Amateur Pair Go Championship in Tokyo. EGF executive board already decided to nominate  the best two (amateur) students (male and female) from the European Student Championship which will be held in Cluj Napoca, Romania from 18th to 20th September 2015 . Details, for example about the financial support (flights) for the students are not available till now. We will inform you as soon as possible.
European Women Go Championship
23.07.2015 12:33, Author: Pavol
European Women Go Championship

EWGC 2015, Turkey, Ciraly, Kiyi Pansion, 10th -13th July

European Women Go Championship was held in Turkey this year. Organisers chose a very nice place in the middle of nature, in a National Park around Ciraly. Kiyi Pansion, where the tournament took place, is a cosy place situated just on the sea coast. It is known by producing their own food on bio-bases. Therefore, living bungalows are scattered across a big garden where you can also meet plenty domestic animals living freely in a harmony with people.

Arrival was scheduled for Friday, 10th of July, but some participants had come a few days earlier and had taken part in a Turkish Go camp placed just about two kilometres from Kiyi. Nevertheless, everyone was on site in Kiyi on Friday evening where an opening ceremony and party took places.

The Championship was run as 5-rounds tournament with 3 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday. 21 players from the whole Europe fought for the title. Players were split into two MacMahon groups. The top group started with the MacMahon bar = 1 and was formed by 14 top players, including all official representatives. The rest of players started with a MacMahon bar = 0.

Playing site was a garden terrace covered just by a roof and surrounded by trees where a few hammocks were stretched for a relaxation, and also a garden shower was just next the terrace. Taking a rest in hammocks between rounds was very popular in hot weather and also shower for refreshment was used often, by some participants even during their games. There was also plenty of drinks available during the tournament and a catering was organised between rounds. Organisers did really a very good job to provide participants with all possible comfort.

Third round turned to be crucial to the Championship outcome. One of the biggest favourites, Natalia Kovaleva from Russia, lost to Manja Marz (Germany), while the other one, Rita Pocsai (Hungary), defeated Elvina Kalsberg (Russia). Rita and Manja entered fourth round as the only undefeated players, so naturally they played each other and Rita won the game. She confirmed her dominance in the last round as well and finished the whole tournament as the only undefeated player. A fight for the second place was won by Elvina who defeated Manja in the last round, and the third place went to Natalia at the end. Both, Elvina and Natalia, scored four wins as the only players in the tournament.

A curious discussion about the tournament started during dinner, when Natalia and Rita independently declared that they had never played each other so far and expressed a wish to meet finally over the goban. Actually, they played each other, but in their childhood, at Youth Championships, not since they have belonged to the strongest women players in Europe. Let's their wish fulfil soon!

At the end, many thanks go to organisers who made a very good job and prepared for all participants not only a nice tournament, but really a great time during their whole stay in Turkey. A social program included also a trip to Chimera mountain on Saturday night where a unique natural curiosity – burning flames coming out of the Earth - can be seen, farewell party on Sunday evening, and of course daily and nightly swimming. As a result, the whole atmosphere was very friendly and everybody felt like at home there, among closest friends. Thanks a lot!

Written by Jana Hricova

This tournament was also a qualification tournament for an event called IMSA Elite Invitational event that will replace the SportAccord World Mind Games. First three places in the tournament get a chance to represent Europe in China, Jiangsu province in January 2016. Top three men in EGC 2015 will join them.

Complete results

Please find a game between Rita Pocsai (European Champion 2015) and Elvina Carlsberg (European vice Champion 2015) commented by Pavol Lisy 1p

Chinese Culture Center in Brussels
22.07.2015 16:37, Author: Pavol
Chinese Culture Center in Brussels

On Thursday 9th of July, the Belgian Go Federation together with representatives of the EGF, the IGF and the European Go Center were kindly invited to the first ever official event of the brand new Chinese Culture Center of Brussels. Located close to the European Parliament, this center is built in a renovated typical large house of Brussels. The official opening ceremony will take place in September and a website should be available by then. 

For this event, Zhang Wendong 9p and Fan Hui 2p came from Beijing and Bordeaux respectively to give a lecture and play simultaneous games. The director of the CCCB, Mr Yan Zhenquang, personally welcomed us and stated his will to contribute to the spread of the Chinese culture in general, and Go in particular, in Europe. He kindly offered some Go material to the Belgian Go Federation. The event ended with a Chinese dinner. 

We are proud and grateful that Go was the first cultural aspect of China that the CCCB decided to honor. This should be taken as an encouragement to promote Go further in Belgium and in Europe and we are eager to collaborate with the CCCB in that respect.

Thomas Connor,
Belgian Go Federation


2nd MLily Cup
21.07.2015 20:18, Author: Pavol
2nd MLily Cup
The 1st round of the 2nd MLily Cup had been played on the 7th of July 2015 in Beijing, China. Our representatives Ilya Shikshin 1p and Alexandre Dinerstein 3p both from Russia faced strong opponents from far East. They were stopped to qualify for Top 32. Ilya Shikshin lost against South Korea nr. 1 Park Junghwan 9p and Alexandre Dinerstein lost against Kim Sedong 5p also from South Korea.
All players

Please find their games below commented by Li Cong 3p, Chinese professional living in Berlin for the next 6 months.


2015 Second Annual World Collegiate Go Championship
20.07.2015 21:14, Author: Viktor
The 2nd edition of the World Collegiate Go Championship took place at National Tsinghua University in Taiwan, from 9 to 10 July 2015. It was organised by the Ing foundation. More than 100 students from all over the world took part, a majority of them from Asia.
The tournament was accompanied by a sightseeing and Go programme lasting from 7 to 13 July.
At the opening ceremony, several big names were present, such as Cho U 9p, Rin Kaiho 9p, Yu Bin 9p (national trainer of China), Wang Yuanjun 6p (#1 pro of Taiwan) etc. And of course there were several leaders of national Go associations from East Asia, amongst others Wang Runan 8p, whom some of you have met at Vienna tournament 2014.
Several professionals also played simultaneous games in the post-tournament programme.


On the sightseeing tours we saw some landmarks of Taiwan, e.g. the Taipeh 101, Sun Moon Lake and the National Palace Museum. For Go players the most interesting place was probably the 奕園 yì yuán, a park dedicated to Go that is part of Tsinghua University.

The tournament was divided by rank in three groups; most of the participants (61) registered for the highest group, for 5 dan and above.
To be honest, I (Viktor Lin, European student champion 2014) went there with the idea of taking a world championship title. However I gave it up immediately when I learned that the previous year's champion was Wang Chen 7d. That's the guy who came second (to Tong Yulin 4p) at last year's EGC, currently ranked #4 amateur in China. I got my hopes up again when I realised that he already graduated and isn't a student anymore. Very quickly I abandoned it once more when I saw Sui Zexiang 7d there, who came third at last year's EGC and currently ranked #5 amateur in China.
In fact almost all the players from group A were stronger than me. I only won 2 games out of 6. I met players from Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and the US. The two games I won were against the Japanese and US opponents, by 3 points each in the 3rd and 6th round respectively. I lost the rest of my games by resignation.
It was interesting to see that the winner of the nigiri (including me) almost always chose White, a phenomenon apparent also in friendly games outside of the tournament. The sole exception I witnessed was my Korean opponent, who happens to be a girl. She chose Black after winning the nigiri.
In the end the four best players from group A played additional semi-final and final rounds, and Sui Zexiang 7d became world student champion, who I would say was one of the favourites to win the tournament.

Next year the World Collegiate Go Championship will be held in Toronto, Canada. All students are welcome to participate.
New webpage is now live.
19.07.2015 8:40, Author: Lorenz
New webpage is now live.
The goal of the overall facelift is to provide more news on the ongoing events in the european go scene. We want to report on every major go event in Europe.
We also want to make the announcements of upcoming events more informative and easier to access.

The news team will be set up at the upcoming congress in Liberec.

Of course there will be some more changes in the future: A page for teachers, information about the official professional players in Europe, a page with videos, a photo gallery and much more ...
GLOBIS Cup and more
17.05.2015 18:23, Author: Viktor
GLOBIS Cup and more
The GLOBIS Cup, a U20 world championship, played from 08-05-2015 to 10-05-2015 in Tokyo, Japan, was won by Huang Yunsong 4p from China.

Pavol Lisy 1p, representing Europe, battled and lost to tough opponents in the preliminary rounds:
Yang Dingxin 3p (China) and Fujimura Yosuke 2p (Japan).

Result page (Japanese)
Result page (English)

But Pavol's journey in Japan wasn't over yet. The founder of the biggest Go school in Japan, Hon Seigen 2p, happens to be our EGF officer Li Ting 1p's best friend. His Hon Dojo has trained some well-known names such as Ichiriki Ryo and Fujisawa Rina. Mr. Hon always welcomes European players to visit Hon Dojo, so naturally Pavol was invited too.

All the while Pavol was followed by one of the most popular Japanese TV shows thanks to an unlikely coincidence. The crew randomly selected him at the airport and has been accompanying him during his stay in Japan.

Tomorrow, Pavol will meet up with Ali Jabarin 1p in Qin Huangdao, China, to participate in the National Chinese Team Championship from 11-05-2015 to 21-05-2015.

Tournament website (Chinese)

Pavol and Ali were invited to participate as guest players at this tournament. It will probably be tough for them, even accomplished professionals from China are struggling to get good results. Let's wish them all the best!


Date Co City Event
CZ Liberec 59th European Go Congress
UK Isle Of Man Isle Of Man Go Festival
CZ Brno Moravian Open Brno 2015
RO Cluj-Napoca European Student Go Championship
BE Brussels Brussels
UK London London Open
RS Lake Palic, Subotica European Youth Go Championships
Official U12, U16 and U20 sections
FR Paris 44th Paris Open

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