1. European Go Grand Slam Tournament

Winner of the Grand Slam 2015: Ilya Shikshin
Runner up Mateusz Surma
Thrid Ali Jabarin

1. European Go Grand Slam Tournament
Date: 3rd - 6th April 2015
Venue: Berlin / Germany, Chinese Culture Center ("Chinesisches Kulturzentrum"), Klingelhöferstraße 21, 10785 Berlin http://c-k-b.eu
Address: Klingelhöferstraße 21, 10785 Berlin

This is an invitation-tournament of the European Go Federation for 12 players with one preliminary round and 3 final rounds. The 4 winners of the 8 participants in the preliminary-round qualify for the three final rounds. The Professional players, certified by the EGF in 2014 and 2015, are already qualified for the final rounds. More details about the qualification are on the European Grand Prix page: http://www.eurogofed.org/EuropeanGrandPrix

The 4 players who lost their game in the preliminary round, can participate in the 6th China Cup, starting on Saturday. More details about this tournament (6 rounds, 4-6th April, same location, 1.prize 1.000 Euro) http://turniere.govb.de/ccb/news.php.

Tournament details:

Ruleset: Chinese rules, 7.5 Komi
Basic time: 150 minutes
Overtime: One minute 5 times

Friday 3rd April: 10:00 
Preliminary round
Saturday 4th April: 9:30  Quarter-final
Sunday 5th April: 9:30  Halffinals and games for places 5-8
Monday 6th April: 9:30 
Games for 3rd, 5th and 7th place
Closing ceremony

Prize money: 
  • 8th place: € 500
  • 7th place: € 600
  • 6th place: € 700
  • 5th place: € 800
  • 4th place: € 1.250
  • 3rd place: € 2.500
  • Runner-up: € 5.000
  • Champion: € 10.000
Grand Slam tournaments are played with Chinese rules. The EGF guarantees broadcasting on the web, referees and professional commentary.

Qualified players:
  • Pavol Lisy 1p
  • Ali Jabarin 1p
  • Ilya Shikshin 1p
  • Alexander Dinerchtein 3p
  • Mateusz Surma 1p
  • Catalin Taranu 5p
  • Cristian Pop 7d
  • Fredrik Blomback 6d
  • Ondrej Silt 6d
  • Viktor Lin 6d
  • Andrii Kravets 6d
  • Artem Kachanovskyi 6d
  • Cornel Burzo 6d (reserve player)


Final, Monday 6th April
Ilya Shikshin vs Mateusz Surma W+Resign

Small Final, Monday 6th April
Cristian Pop vs Ali Jabarin B+Resign

Place 5-6, Monday 6th April
Pavol Lisy vs Artem Kachanovskyi W+6.5
Place 7-8, Monday 6th April
Alexander Dinerchtein vs Andrii Kravets W+2.5

Half Final, Sunday 5th April
Cristian Pop vs Ilya Shikshin B+Resign
Ali Jabarin vs Mateusz Surma B+Resign

Games for Place 5-8, Sunday 5th April
Andrii Kravets vs Artem Kachanovskyi B+3.5
Alexander Dinerchtein vs Pavol Lisy B+Resign

Quarter Final, Saturday 4th April
Ali Jabarin vs Artem Kachanovskyi W+10.5
Pavol Lisy vs Cristian Pop B+Resign
Andrii Kravets vs Ilya Shikshin B+Resign
Alexander Dinerchtein vs Mateusz Surma B+5.5

Preliminary round, Friday 3rd April
Fredrik Blomback vs Cristian Pop B+Resign
Artem Kachanovskyi vs Viktor Lin W+1.5
Catalin Taranu vs Andrii Kravets B+Resign
Alexander Dinerchtein vs Ondrej Silt W+Resign

Main Referee: Li Ting, 1p

Photos by Harry van der Krogt (alt)

Professionals (teaching, live-comments): Zhao Baolong (2p) and Yoon Young-sun (8p)
Sponsors: CEGO, EGF, Ge Yuhong Go Academy (Beijing), Chinese Culture Center Berlin
Contacts:  Martin Stiassny, president@eurogofed.org, mobile: +49 170 4966056
Bernhard Runge, bernhard.runge@gmx.net