European Tournament Calendar

Dates shown with "?" are provisional and will probably change.

European Go Federation events are shown in red.

European Pro Qualification events are shown in orange.

European Grand Slam events are shown in green.

National and international events are shown in blue.

If running one of the above events please email the details to be shown here.

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European Go Congresses

From To Co City No Contact Address
25.07.201508.08.2015CZLiberec 59th European Go Congressinfo @
??.07.2016??.08.2016RUSt Petersburg 60th European Go Congressrussia @
??.07.2017??.08.2017TR- 61st European Go Congressturkey @

Major European Tournaments

From To Co City Event Contact Address
06.02.201508.02.2015IE Dublin Confucius Cup (Irish Open)  
21.02.201522.02.2015ES Barcelona Barcelona Go-Seigen  
06.03.201508.03.2015IT Pisa Qualification EGF-Professionals By invitation
06.03.201508.03.2015IT Pisa Pisa International presidente @
12.03.201515.03.2015NL Zandvoort European Youth Go Championships
Official U12, U16 and U20 sections
20.03.201521.03.2015SK Bratislava 5th Spring Equinox Tournament  
21.03.201522.03.2015FR Strasbourg Strasbourg Tournament antoine.fenech @
21.03.201522.03.2015FR Strasbourg Grand Slam Qualifier  
27.03.201529.03.2015UK Shrewsbury British Open  
03.04.201506.04.2015DE Berlin 1. European Grand Slam Tournament By Invitation/Qualification
04.04.201506.04.2015DE Berlin 6. China Cup  
03.04.201505.04.2015FI Turku Nordic Championship  
04.04.201506.04.2015FR Paris 43th Tournoi International de Paris  
02.05.201503.05.2015CZ Praha Prague Tournament (Bonus C)  
14.05.201517.05.2015NL Amsterdam Amsterdam (Bonus B)  
15.05.201517.05.2015RU Moscow European Pair Go Championship  
12.06.201514.06.2015SK Kamenny Mlyn Slovak Go Festival sgf000 @
03.07.201510.07.2015TR Kiyi Pansiyon, Çirali Turkish Summer Camp  
11.07.201512.07.2015TR Kiyi Pansiyon, Çirali European Women's Go Championships  
23.08.201528.08.2015UK Isle Of Man Isle Of Man Go Festival  
19.09.201520.09.2015RO Cluj-Napoca European Student Go Championship  
28.12.201531.12.2015UK London London Open  
26.03.201628.03.2016FR Paris 44th Paris Open president-iledefrance @

World Tournament Calendar

From To Co City Category Notes
23.02.201527.02.2015JPTokyo World Student OzaBy Qualification
07.05.201510.05.2015JPTokyo GLOBIS Cup World Youth Go ChampionshipBy Invite
05.06.201512.06.2015THBangkok World Amateur Go ChampionshipBy Invite
07.07.201513.07.2015CTTaipei International Collegiate Go ChampionshipMore Info
22.08.201528.08.2015CNHarbin World Youth Goe ChampionshipsBy Invite
05.12.201506.12.2015JPTokyoInternational Amateur Pair Go Champs By Invite
05.12.201506.12.2015JPTokyoStudent Amateur Pair Go Champs By Invite

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Last updated: 2015-03-26.

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