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EGF History

The European Go Federation dates back more than 50 years
from when the first European Go Congress was held in Germany in 1957.
The number of member countries had grown to 35 by 2005 (now 36).

Articles on Go History

Obituary of Go Seigen
Obituary of Karl-Ernst Paech
Obituary of Chen Zude
Obituary of Nakayama Noriyuki
Obituary of Kato Masao
Obituary of Hans Pietsch
Obituary of Iwamoto Kaoru
Obituary of Ing Chang-Ki
Obituary of Albert Schilp
Obituary of Manfred Wimmer

Articles on Go Culture

Go in Film and Television
Hikaru no Go - the Go manga and anime

Visit of Professionals Umezawa Yukari and Inori Yoko to Croatia 1999

Partial list Professional visits to European Go Congresses
Results of European Players in pro events
European Professional Players

European Youth Visits to Japan