By Pavol Lisy | News | 05.02.2016 9:25
Last week, shocking news have hit the Go World. A Go-program called AlphaGo, developed by Google DeepMind beat our 3-times European Champion Fan Hui 5 to 0 in an official match played in October 2015. This is the first time that a computer beat a professional Go player in an even match. Most people expected this to happen 5-10 years later, that is why everyone is so surprised. Find an interview with a computer expert, the creator of PachiBot.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | News | 21.01.2016 12:25
The Russian Youth Go Championships was held this weekend (January 16-17) in Moscow. 76 participants took part in this great event, and many of them made incredible achievement. It seems that future strong players are growing up in Russia.  Read more...
By Marc Oliver Rieger | News | 18.01.2016 21:54 | Comments: 1
The second European Youth Team Championship finished on 16th of January. This year, twelve teams from 15 countries took part. Newcomers were Switzerland and Austria who joined forces with the Italian team. After four rounds, the decision on the top was as narrow as possible...  Read more...
By Viktor Lin | International | 05.01.2016 17:05
The 1st Japan Go Congress will be held from 15 to 18 July 2016, in Takarazuka, Japan, and organised by the Kansai Ki-in.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | International | 28.12.2015 14:14 | Comments: 1
In September, we introduced students who were chosen to take part in the 3rd Edition of the CEGO Academic Training System 2015/2016. Now we are offering to you a few interesting stories about their life in Beijing.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | News | 16.12.2015 12:45 | Comments: 1
The second ZhuGang Cup World Team Go Championship takes place from 15th to 23rd December in BaiYun hotel, GuangZhou.  Read more...
By Tony Atkins | International | 15.12.2015 15:25
Jeon Yujin and Song Hongsuk of Korea won the 21st International Amateur Pair Go Championships in Tokyo. Both the European Championship Pair (Rita Pocsai and Pal Balogh) and the Russian pair (Natalia Kovaleva and Dmitry Surin) won three games to take 8th and 14th place respectively.  Read more...
By Tony Atkins | European Pros | 15.12.2015 15:03 | Comments: 2
The EGF and RGF have announced the first championship for European Professionals. All professionals with the passport of an EGF member country can take part, regardless of whether they have EGF or oriental professional accreditation. Top prize is 1000 euro!  Read more...
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