Pandanet Go European Cup


Bringing Together

For seven years until early 2007 the European Go Tour ran very successfully. It was sponsored by Toyota and in later years also by Pandanet. From 2004 to 2007 a seperate European Cup circuit was run. Top European Go tournaments could be sponsored as part of the European Go Tour, or could pay to join the European Cup.

When Toyota's period of support came to an end it was realised the European Cup was not working very well in isolation from the Tour, so the decision was made to merge the Tour and the Cup bringing together the best features of both events into the new Pandanet Go European Cup.

In the Pandanet Go European Cup events could join at one of five levels. The bottom two levels were the two lowest levels from the old European Cup, and the top three levels were the levels from the old Tour. Events in the top three levels were supported by Pandanet and broadcast live on Pandanet. Events in the bottom two levels would pay to join as before.

More details about the system, and which events were part of the Pandanet Go European Cup, are elsewhere on this mini-site.

The Pandanet Go European Cup ended at Easter 2011.

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