Pandanet Go European Cup


Rules from 10 April 2007

Tournament Rules

The tournament must apply all the rules specified in the current version of EGF General Tournament Rules.

Any variation from these rules must be notified in advance and agreed with the EGF.

The tournament should be open to anyone on payment of the appropriate entry fee.

The actual rules of play should be one of the rule sets commonly used in European Tournaments and be specified before the start of the tournament.

Pairing System

The tournament should be run on the McMahon system. The final ordering should be by McMahon score, with SOS tie break.

The McMahon bar should be set appropriately for the number of strong players and number of rounds for the event. If the number of strong players is especially large, super groups can be formed. There should be no bias for geography or for any other reason above the bar.

Players who are known to be missing rounds should be placed below the McMahon bar.

The tournament should make use of an established pairing program, such as GoDraw, MacMahon, GoMMTour or Gotha.

Number of Rounds and Time Limits

In all tournaments the byo-yomi should be at minimum 30 seconds standard or 15 moves in 5 minutes Canadian overtime (minimum).

The Referee

The chief referee in all tournaments should be announced in advance. If the event is level 2 or higher, the chief referee must be EGF Certified or otherwise approved by the EGF.

Organisational Standard

The tournament must be run to accepted standard of organisation. In particular care should be taken to ensure compliance in the following areas:

Behaviour of Players

Players are expected to follow the necessary standards of behaviour associated with top events, especially in the area of punctuality, gamesmanship and cooperation.

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