Pandanet Go European Cup


Bringing Together

The Pandanet Go European Cup was the bringing together of the best parts of the old Go Tour and European Cup.

The objectives were:

Events were at five levels, the bottom two from the old European Cup and the top three from the old Tour.

Good Organising Practices

By being part of the Pandanet Go European Cup, tournaments were obliged to conform to certain organisational standards. In return they would get advertising by being listed on the Pandanet Go European Cup calendar.

Top Players

Top European nationals were attracted to the events through the increased publicity and the knowledge that each participating tournament is a top event. In the highest three levels of event, cash prizes were on offer thanks to the support by Pandanet.

Ranking Prizes

As well as cash prizes at the top three levels of events, every event awarded points to the top placed European nationals, more points being available at the higher levels. After the finals in Paris at Easter, the players with the most points were rewarded with cash ranking prizes.

Teaching Professionals

In order to provide access to teaching professionals, the top two levels of events were expected to invite a Europe-based teaching professional, using the budget provided.

Awareness of Pandanet

The connection of each event with the Pandanet Go European Cup provided awareness of Pandanet, and information about Pandanet was available at each event. All European players are urged to get a login and play Go on Pandanet, so that Pandanet will be able to continue supporting Go in Europe.

Pandanet flyer A4 (PDF 474KB)
Pandanet flyer A5 (PDF 938KB)


The top board games (and sometimes top two boards) from each of the events in the top three levels were broadcast live on Pandanet. This enabled players everywhere to get access to top game records and hence improve their level of play.

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