The 50th European Go Congress

29.07.2006-12.08.2006, Frascati, Italy

The 50th European Go Congress was held in Frascati, a small hilltop city 20km outside of Rome. Over 292 players took part in the main tournament, and there were many guests from China, Korean and Japan. Star guest was top 9 dan professional Takemiya Masaki.

There have been several side events, including the European Masters, with its final between brother and sister Ilia Shikshin and Svetlana Shikshina. Svetlana won this; Alexandr Dinerchtein was third.

The 132 player Weekend Tournament was won by Lee Ki-Bong (Korea 7 dan) with 5 wins; second was Shinada Kei (Japan 4 dan) with 4 wins.

The new European Champion is Svetlana Shikshina (Russian 7 dan) who won 8 games. Open champion was Park Chi-Seon who squeezed Lee Ki-Bong into second by 1 point of second tie-break (SODOS). The group on 7 wins were Alexandr Dinerchtein, Yoshida Takao, Andrey Kulkov, Kai Naoyuki and Dragos Bajenaru.


Main Tournament
Weekend Tournament

Pair Go

There was a Pair Go tournament. The prize winners were:

  1. Monika Reimpell and Christian Gawron
  2. Karen Schomberg and Bernd Radmacher

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