European Student Championship
Leksand / Sweden


Time Table:

21.08. Tuesday
17:00 -19:00 Registration

22.08 Wednesday
09:00 - 09.45 Registration
09:45 Opening
10:00 1st round
14:00 2nd round
18:00 3rd round

23.08 Thursday
10:00 4th round
14:00 5th round
18:00 Prize-giving


To be eligible to participate at the ESGC, the player needs to be amateur player and a university student born in 1989 or later with a citizenship of an EGF member-country.
Players starting to study in September 2018 are also eligible but have to show a paper where the start at a university is confirmed.


MacMahon system, 5 rounds, even games
Tiebreakers: SOS, direct comparison
Fischertime, 45 minutes basic / 20 seconds per move
komi 6,5 points. Japanese rules.
The organizer can change the tournament system according to the total number of players.


First two male and female players will be eligible to go to the 5th World Students Pair Go Championship in Tokyo in December 2018. . Accommodation and meals are covered by the organiser as well as 50% of the flight cost.

First player will be eligible to go at the"College Championship", sponsored by the Ing Foundation. Date and place to be determinated later. The flight-ticket is supported by the EGF with an upper limit of € 750.

Distribution of qualification spots amongst tied players will be decided by SOSOS, followed by post tournament rating.
Prizes are not cumulative.

How to reach Leksand:
Easiest way: Flight to Stockholm-Arlanda and train to Leksand. Last train in the evening departing from airport Arlanda at 20:06. 
Cheap flights with Norwegian direct from Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest and Prague.
With Easyjet direct to Arlanda from Basel, Geneva, Lyon, LOndon and Milano
-- By car roads E20, E6, E4, #50 and #70, 700 km in Sweden from Öresund-bridge, max 8 hours to drive
-- By train either via Stockholm or via Mjölby Ludvika Borlänge or via Norrköping Sala Borlänge. Europe-tickets € 39 from Germany to Stockholm
-- Airport Stockholm-Skavsta (south of Stockholm) for Ryanair and Wizzair. Then shuttle-bus to Stockholm Central and train. 5 hours to travel in Sweden