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EGF Constitution 2014 (PDF)

EGF General Regulations 2014 (PDF)

Old EGF Constitution

Long Term Decisions

EGF Membership Application Questionnaire

CEGO Contract (PDF 6.84MB)


EGF Championships and other Top Events: list of events that can be run by EGF Members or the EGCC on behalf of the EGF, including descriptions of the qualifying and tournament systems used, and agreed future hosts.

Rules of the European Go Championship - system for determining individual European Go Champion, starting from 2015

Representative Countries at International Pair Go Championships (IAPGC)

Current European Pair Go Points for qualifying to IAPGC

Representatives at Professional Tournaments

EGF General Tournament Rules (Updated June 2010)

Tournament Guidelines (New January 2013)

Previous Tournament Rules of the European Go Championship (2012-2014 version) / (old 2010 KO version) / (older 2010 version)

EGF Tournament System Rules (New July 2007)

EGF 1997 Tournament Rules are now replaced by the above rules.

Grand Slam Qualification

Minutes of Annual General Meetings

Minutes (google docs)  
Minutes (google docs)  
Minutes (google docs)  
Minutes (PDF 66 KB)
Minutes (PDF 79 KB)
Minutes (PDF 29 KB)
Minutes (PDF 31 KB)
Minutes (PDF 36 KB)
Minutes (PDF 28 KB)
Minutes (PDF 22 KB)
Minutes (PDF 16 KB)
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Minutes (PDF 25 KB)
Minutes (txt)
Minutes (txt)
Minutes (txt)
Minutes (txt)
Minutes (txt)
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Pre-Meeting (PDF 9 KB)

SGM 07/02/2004

Agendas/Reports for Annual General Meetings

AGM 2017 will be held 25/07/17 in Oberhof, Germany

Agenda for AGM 2017

AGM 2016 was held 26/07/16 in St. Petersburg, Russia

Agenda for AGM 2016

AGM 2015 was held 28/07/15 in Liberec, Czechia

Agenda for AGM 2015

AGM 2014 was held 29/07/14 in Sibiu, Romania

Agenda of the 2014 AGM
President's Report 2014 (PDF)
EGF Constiution 2014 (PDF)
EGF General Regulations 2014 (PDF)
Rating Report 2014 (PDF)
EGD results upload / EGF / CEGO Online Training (from Austria) (PDF)
New EGF logo?
Internet Games Rating Proposal (from UK)
Youth Team Championship Proposal (from Ireland)
Replacement Youth Team Championship Proposal (RTF)

AGM 2013

Agenda of the 2013 AGM
President's Report 2013 (PDF)
Secretary's Report 2013
Rating Report 2013
IGF Directors' Report 2013 (PDF)
      Motion passed at IGF AGM 2012 (PDF)
      Proposal to IGF for fees 2014 (PDF)
Proposals from France
Proposals from Germany
Proposals from Romania
Proposals from Ireland
Proposals from United Kingdom
Proposals from Rules Commission
Proposal from France to adopt EC system by Martin Stiassny (PDF)
Proposal from Czechia to adopt EC system by Ales Cieply (PDF)

AGM 2012

Agenda of the 2012 AGM
President's Report 2012 (PDF 1101KB)
Secretary's Report 2012
IGF Directors' Report 2012 (PDF 518KB)

AGM 2011

Agenda of the 2011 AGM (28th July in Bordeaux)
President's Report 2011 (PDF 686KB)
IGF Directors' Report 2011 (PDF 6KB)
Tournament and Rules Commission Report 2011 (PDF 16KB)
Russian Proposals (PDF 5KB)
Appeals Commisson Proposal (PDF 5KB)
Late Rules Proposal from UK (PDF 16KB)

AGM 2010

Agenda of the 2010 AGM (30th July in Tampere)
IGF Directors' Report 2010 (PDF 41KB)
President's Report 2010 (PDF 41KB)
IGF Directors' Report 2010 (PDF 41KB)
Russian Proposals (PDF 10KB)
Romanian Proposals (PDF 19KB)
Czech Proposals (PDF 68KB)
Dutch Reply to Proposals (PDF 55KB)
EC System Proposal Background (PDF 82KB)
Comparison of possible EC Systems
EC System Proposal from Martin Stiassny (PDF 16KB)
EC System Proposals from Jana Hricova (PDF 62KB)

AGM 2009

Agenda of the 2009 AGM (31st July in Groningen)
More details of proposals and some agenda items
President's Report 2009
Proposal (PDF 11KB) and Flyer (PDF 406KB) for EGC 2013 in Poland
Ratings Commission Report (PDF 13KB)

AGM 2008

The agenda of the 2008 AGM (1st August in Leksand)
President's Report 2008

AGM 2007

The agenda of the 2007 AGM (20th July in Villach)
President's Report 2007

AGM 2006

The agenda of the 2006 AGM (4th August in Frascati)
President's Report 2006
IGF Director's Report 2006

AGM 2005

The agenda of the 2005 AGM (29th July 2005 in Prague)
President's Report 2005
IGF Directors' Report 2005
IMSA Founding Declaration 19th April 2005
IMSA Press Release 20th June 2005

AGM 2004

The agenda of the 2004 AGM (held 30th July 2004 in Tuchola Poland)
President's Report 2004
Secretary's Report 2004
IGF Directors' Report 2004

AGM 2003

Agenda for 2003
President's Report 2003
Vice-President's Report 2003
IGF Director's Report 2003
Auditor's Report 2003

Commission Reports

Constitution Commission Report January 2004
Constitution Commission Report July 2003
Constitution Commission Report July 2002

Ing Grants

Ing Grants Guidelines
Ing Grants Report 2009
Ing Grants Report 2008
Ing Grants Report 2007
Ing Grants Report 2006
Ing Grants Report 2005
Ing Grants Report 2004
Ing Grants Report 2003
Ing Grants Report 2002
Ing Grants Report 2001

Ideas Page

An Ideas Page from 2003 of useful ideas that your association may consider to help increase go playing or improve the level of play in your country.

EGC Organisers' Handbook

Sensei's Tournament Library is a WIKI page giving advice to future EGC organisers. Please update this with your own tips and advice for organisers.

Other Documents

Survey of Players by Country (Updated from EGD 19th March 2013)