European Grand Prix

The European Grand Prix is an annual series of tournaments within the EGF. The idea behind the Grand Prix is to have a system which rewards the performance of the active European go players. The results of the European championship are automatically included in the Grand Prix.

There are five different levels at which a tournament can be included in the Grand Prix series:

  • Grand Slam Tournament
  • Bonus Point Tournament Level A
  • Bonus Point Tournament Level B
  • Bonus Point Tournament Level C
  • Bonus Point Tournament Level D
You can see the list of the tournaments included in the Grand Prix this year at the tournaments page.

'Bonus Points' are awarded to those who finish in the top places of each tournament. In the distribution system the number of points and the places available depends on the level of the tournament.

At the end of each calendar year, a tournament named the Grand Prix Finale with 16 players takes place. The players with the greatest number of bonus points and the ones who won a direct qualification by an excellence performance in a Bonus Point Tournament during the running Grand Prix season are invited to participate in it.

Additionally, there are 3 qualification spots available for the Grand Slam tournament for the players currently at the top of the bonus point list.

If you are interested in including your competition in the European Grand Prix and you agree to follow the requirements, contact the EGF Executive board: [email protected].

Project leaders: Martin Stiassny (President of the European Go Federation) and Li Ting (Vice President, Referee)