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Occidental Films

 1) A Beautiful Mind
    Year: 2001
    Directed by: Ron Howard
    Cast: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Beautiful Mind is the story of Prof. John Forbes Nash, Jr., 
      who won the Nobel Prize for Economics for his game theories but suffered 
      from paranoid schizophrenia. Nash is a long time member of the American Go 
      Association. In the first scene, from 8.5 to 10.5 minutes in, Nash is challenged 
      to a game by Martin Hansen (played by Josh Lucas), one of the game players 
      perched on the benches outside at Princeton, with the words "Are you scared?" 
      They talk about research as the game progresses and the camera often zooms 
      in on the board which is balanced on two small suitcases. The stones are in
      old orange tins. A large group of Nash's is wrapped up into a dango and captured. 
      At this point he throws a tantrum claiming the game is obviously flawed, since 
      he had the first move and his play was perfect. He knocks the board over
      as he stands up to storm off. The (uncredited) Go consultant was Janice 
      Kim, so the game and capture are credible enough except that the editting 
      shows the position developing in the wrong order. The scene takes place
      to the music "A Game of Go" by James Horner which features Charlotte Church vocalising.
      Nash is challenged by Hansen to another game right at the end of the film 
      (105 to 105.25 minutes in). In addition there are two more sequences featuring 
      Go in the deleted scenes section of the DVD: one where Nash picks up a dropped 
      white stone and stares at it on the board for inspiration as the light fades 
      and another where he busts a game between two friends in a study in order to 
      show them his new hex-game. He adds "I prefer Chess."
 2) Pi
    Year: 1998
    Directed by: Darren Aronofask
    Cast: Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: This movie is filmed in black and white so Go fits in well visually.
      The main character Max Cohen (Sean Gullette) plays Go against his old professor 
      Sol Robeson (Mark Margolis) in his flat. They play in three scenes and as they 
      play they discuss philosophy and even some Go philosophy:
        Max: "But as a Go game progresses, the possibilities become smaller and 
              smaller, the board does take on order... So maybe, even though we 
              are not sophisticated enough to be aware of it, there is a pattern, 
              an order underlying every Go game."
        Sol: "This is insanity. Max... You're losing it!"
      Max also holds a black stone and studies it while riding the subway, and
      also we see some Go game sequences when he has flash thoughts.
      The final Go scene has a spiral pattern laid on the board (not part
      of a game). The documentary on the DVD shows crew members, Sean and Luke,
      playing Go in a yard - using gold and silver painted washers for stones. 
      The Go advisors are listed as Barbara Calhoun, Michael Solomon and Dan Wiener,
      and the Brooklyn Go Club is thanked in the credits.       
 3) Tron: Legacy
    Year: 2010
    Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
    Cast: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In one scene Sam Flynn (Hedlund) and Quorra (Wilde) are playing a game on a Go ban. 
       Quorra comments her patience usually overcomes her aggressive strategy. The stones are 
       slightly smaller than usual and the board is light with a black border. It was Olivia Wilde 
       that suggested using Go in the movie.
 4) The International
    Year: 2009
    Directed by: Tom Tykwer
    Cast: Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, Ulrich Thomsen
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A thriller about an Interpol agent who tries to take down a corrupt bank. 
       1 hour in, the scene is the Swiss mountain-top mansion of the evil banker, 
       Jonas Skarssen (played by Thomsen). He is playing Go and discusses it with his son
       Cassian (played by Bejamin Wandschneider) in Danish, with English subtitles. The 
       board position is about 30 moves in. The boy is told something like that he sometimes
       has to act like a man to make his move. They are interrupted by a video call from
       the other bankers. Afterwards he asks the son what you should do if you are in too deep
       with no way out. To which the son answers that you should go in deeper.
 5) Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison 
    Year: 1957
    Directed by: John Huston
    Cast: Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Based on the book is by Charles Shaw.
      The first scene lasts 14 seconds. Allison is hidden in a dark corner of
      the store room as he tries to steal food. Two Japanese, one might be a chef
      rather than a soldier, clear a box, lift down a 3cm Go ban with Go bowls.
      The player on the right knows his colour and pushes the white bowl to the
      other who balances bowl and lid on his knees. Black slaps a stone down
      top-left (5-3?) and white replies top-right. We hear the click of stones
      whilst we see the hidden Allison. After a cut to Sister Angela who is
      worried why Allison is missing, we return for a scene that lasts nearly a
      minute. The board is now nearly full. The players laugh as if a rip-off has
      just been played. The chef pours from a huge sake bottle whilst the other
      hides his eyes. They have skilfully left territory in front of themselves
      for the very large sake cups. They start another game. For 27 seconds we
      hear the click of stones as a rat runs over Mr Allison, then we return to
      the game for another 45 seconds. The second game is now finished. One
      players declares he is sad and is going to the dormitory and they leave
      without packing the stones away. In a later scene that lasts over a minute: 
      after the Japanese have temporarily left the desert island, sister Angela 
      says "I think I've mastered this, this Japanese game. It's a bit like 
      Draughts." She fetches the board. Allison admits to having never played
      Draughts only Craps. She offers to teach him and starts to set the white 
      stones Draughts style, explaining you simply have to capture each others 
      men. He declares he is not interested and she says she is therefore going 
      to bed. For reference the Go scenes start 47.5 and 76.75 minutes into
      the film.
 6) Restless
    Year: 1998
    Directed by: Jule Gilfillan
    Cast: Catherine Kellner, Elizabeth Sung
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Leah is adrift, restless and landing in Beijing after a string 
      of flights from failed romances, she falls in with other expatriates. 
      A chance encounter with a young Go master she saw on TV leads to a
      relationship. Along the way, we see Go on TV, on the street, in a
      club and at home. On TV, Master Sun (played by Geng Li) teaches how to 
      "attack from a distance". With an inevitability, the insight Leah gains 
      enables her to turn the tables on the cad who jilted her, and jilt him 
      right back. "Restless" is the first English-language film made in modern 
      Beijing, and the first US-China cooperative filmmaking venture. Arrow  
      Features, 98 minutes.
 7) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Year: 2000
    Directed by: Ang Lee
    Cast: Yun-Far Chow, Michelle Yeoh
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: During the calligraphy scene, the two female lead characters 
      are sitting together and a decorated brown Go table can be seen in  
      the background. On the board are two black bowls with white flowers 
      painted on. The board surface looks dark with white lines. They do 
      not use it to play Go, but as a table for their tea cups (also the 
      fate for a Chinese Chess board later in the film).
 8) Just Like Heaven
    Year: 2005
    Directed by: Mark Waters
    Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Reese Witherspoon
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: The main character is viewing flats to rent in San Francisco. 
      One is Japanese style with low tables, pillows and a Goban. "Where's 
      the furniture?" he asks.
 9) Dangerous Moves (La Diagonale du Fou)
    Year: 1984
    Directed by: Richard Dembo
    Cast: Michel Piccoli, Liv Ullmann,
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In this French film Michel Piccoli plays a Chess master called
      Akiva Liebskind, and to rest sometimes he plays Go with his wife (20 minutes in).
      The board position looks quite cluttered, and they seem to be placing stones at 
      random while talking.
10) Tokyo Rififi (Rififi a Tokyo)
    Year: 1963
    Directed by: Jacques Deray
    Cast: Keiko Kishi, Charles Vanel, Michel Vitold, Masao Oda, Eiji Okada
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In a brief scene in this French heist movie, we see the inside of 
      a Tokyo Go Club; full of smoke and of Go players.
11) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
    Year: 1993
    Directed by: Stuart Gillard
    Cast: Elias Koteas, Paige Turco, Stuart Wilson (II), Vivian Wu
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Set in ancient Japan, the master of the turtles in a short scene 
      plays Go.
12) Heathers
    Year: 1989
    Directed by: Michael Lehmann
    Cast: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Just before the hanging scene, you see Veronica's room, looking down, with 
      a flat Go board with some stones scattered on it resting on on a small table.
13) Wild Palms
    Year: 1993
    Directed by: Kathryn Bigelow
    Cast: James Belushi, Dana Delany, Robert Loggia
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Go board can be seen.
14) The Pillow Book
    Year: 1996
    Directed by: Peter Greenaway
    Cast: Vivian Wu, Yoshi Oida, Ken Ogata
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: One person drinks himself to death and dares to
      put a whisky glass and some pills on a Go board!
15) Little Buddha 
    Year: 1993
    Directed by:  Bernardo Bertolucci
    Cast: Keanu Reeves, Roucheng Ling, Bridget Fonda
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In one scene a Goban can be seen.
16) Brotherhood of the Rose
    Year: 1989
    Directed by: Marvin J. Chomsky
    Cast: Robert Mitchum, Peter Strauss, Connie Selleca
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A thriller (TV movie). In a short scene the main character 
      John Eliot (Robert Mitchum) is sitting in front of a Go board with 
      stones on it. Based on a novel by David Morrell that is supposed
      to mention Go. The movie is planned for a remake in 2013.
17) Come See the Paradise
    Year: 1990
    Directed by: Alan Parker
    Cast: Dennis Quaid
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In this movie, set in 1942, Jack McGurn (played by
      Quaid) enters a Japanese men's club in San Francisco where
      two old men can be seen playing Go.
18) Tokyo Joe
    Year: 1949
    Directed by: Stuart Heisler
    Cast: Humphrey Bogart
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In this movie, set in post-WW2 Tokyo, there are two
      brief scenes in which two people are playing Go. However,
      from the disposition of the stones, they could be playing
19) Genealogies d'un Crime (Genealogies of a Crime)
    Year: 1997
    Directed by: Raul Ruiz
    Cast: Cathrine Deneuve
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A French film. It is claimed that Go can be seen in it.
20) Bis ans Ende der Welt (Until the End of the World)
    Year: 1991
    Directed by: Wim Wenders
    Cast: Pietro Falcone, William Hurt, Sam Niell
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In one scene a Go board can be seen.
21) M. Butterfly
    Year: 1993
    Directed by: David Cronenberg
    Cast: Jeremy Irons, John Leone
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: There is a brief scene of people playing Go in the movie.
      It is about a male Chinese opera star who had a long term affair
      with a European male diplomat who did not discover the opera singer
      was a man throughout the entire affair. The scene occurs after the
      cultural revolution when many peasants were living in the house
      that formerly belonged to a wealthy family. In the courtyard of
      the house the are two people seated at a Go board. It seems odd
      at the time since Go itself was suppressed during the cultural
      revolution, but that's Hollywood.
22) Elektra
    Year: 2005
    Directed by: Rob Bowman
    Cast: Jennifer Garner
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Despite the web site trailer for this film featuring a Goban,
      there is none in the film. A vase on a shelf can easily be misinterpreted 
      as a Go bowls and board when seen briefly in one scene.
23) 1941
    Year: 1979
    Directed by: Steven Spielberg    
    Cast: John Belushi, Sam Pickens
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: The heroes are captured by a Japanese submarine on which the 
      crew play Go whilst guarding them. 
24) Red Corner
    Year: 1997
    Directed by: Jon Avnet
    Cast: Richard Gere, Ling Bai
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A thriller in which there is a short scene where, while the 
      main character is interrogated, two guards in the background are 
      playing Go.
25) Night Train
    Year: 2009
    Directed by: Brian King
    Cast: Danny Gloiver, Leelee Sobieski, Steve Zahn
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A low budget thriller on the theme of how greed can drive a person to
      do terrible things. The action is set on an overnight train in Northern Europe
      when two passengers and a conductor find a dead passenger with lots of diamonds
      and decide to dispose of the body in order to keep the diamonds. The film cuts 
      several times from the action to two Asian men playing a game at a table on the 
      train, who are shown twice in the trailer. The game is not a real position.
26) Mr Nice
    Year: 2010
    Directed by: Bernard Rose
    Source: IMDB
    Cast: Rhys Ifans, Chloe Sevigny, David Thewlis
    Comment: The biopic of drug smuggler Howard Marks who revealed in his autobiography 
      of the same title that he played Go. In the film a woman is seen playing Go, 
      but not with a real position, for about a minute, 19 minutes in.
27) Level Five
    Year: 1997
    Directed by: Chris Marker
    Cast: Catherine Belkhodja, Kenji Tokitsu, Nagisa Oshima
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Laura, a French programmer, is tasked with finishing a video game based on the WWII
      battle of Okinawa. She eventually discovers after a lot of research and interviews with 
      survivors that the correct metaphor for war is not the game's level five, but Go. French language.
28) The Hedgehog (Le Hérisson) 
    Year: 2008
    Directed by: Mona Achache
    Cast: Josiane Balasco, Garance Le Guillermic, Togo Igawa
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Based on the novel "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery.  French language.
       The girl plays Go against Kakuro Ozu who lives in the same apartment block, though the positions 
       do not look from a real game.
29) Sleeping Beauty
    Year: 2011
    Directed by: Julia Leigh
    Cast: Emily Browning, Rachael Blake, Ewen Leslie
    Source: IMDB YouTube
    Comment: In this film about a student who sleeps in clients' beds for a living, an Australian
      lecturer is teaching an auditorium of students. He starts with "Let's get Go-ing" and talks 
      about moves 129 and 130 of one of the games of Honinbo Shusai, the diagram displayed on a 
29) Age of the Dragons
    Year: 2011
    Directed by: Ryan Little
    Cast: Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Corey Sevier
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In this version of Moby Dick with dragons not whales, a tattered goban is shown for 
       about ten seconds with a few scattered natural stones on it. It is just there as decoration 
       of an interior and as a target for a fist of an angry character.
30) War Games: The Dead Code
    Year: 2008
    Directed by: Stuart Gillard
    Cast: Matt Lanta, Amanda Walsh, Colm Feore
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A straight-to-video follow up to 1983's War Games. When the computer is being bombarded 
           with online games, pop-ups of Go games can be seen among games of Chess and so on.
31) Balance of Power
    Year: 1996
    Directed by: Rick Bennett
    Cast: Billy Blanks, Mako, Lisa Yamanaka
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A typical Billy Blanks martial arts movie where the stereotypical bad Asian rich guy plays
      Go with the stereotypical bad Asian fighter guy. When the stereotypical bad white business guy mentions
      Chess, the bad rich guy says something to the effect that Chess is for intellectual snobs while Go 
      is for warriors. 
32) Le Faucon (The Hawk)
    Year: 1983
    Directed by: Paul Boujenah
    Cast: Francis Huster, Guy Pannequin, Maruschka Detmers
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In the opening sequence of this French thriller, the main character drops his gun on a goban, 
      disrupting the game laid out, probably suggesting he studied a game the previous evening.
32) Three Came Home
    Year: 1950
    Directed by: Jean Negulesco
    Cast: Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Sessue Hayakawa
    Source: IMDB YouTube
    Comment: Biography of Agnes Newton Keith who was interned during WWII by the Japanese on the island 
      of Borneo. There is a very brief scene, about twenty one minutes in and which lasts about four 
      seconds, where you see two Japanese soldiers in an office, doing guard duty, passing the time 
      sitting at a table and playing Go. The postitions look a bit over-concentrated and not natural. 
      The guy on the left plays left handed, taking a white stone from his bowl and capturing a black.
33) Videodrome 
    Year: 1983
    Directed by: David Cronenburg
    Cast: James Wood, Deborah Harry
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: 32 minutes in, a folding Go board is partly visible amongst
      the objects buried on Max Renn's table as he leans on it and smokes.

Oriental Films

 1) The Go Master (Wu Qingyuan) 
    Year: 2006
    Directed by: Tian Zhuangzhuang
    Cast: Chang Chen
    Source: Movie Homepage IMDB
    Comment: The life of Go Seigen (Wu Qingyuan), produced in Chinese, was on
       international release in Autumn 2006 and shown at various film festivals. 
       Go Seigen needs no introduction as one of the top players of the last
       century. The film tells his story how as a Chinese prodigy he has to 
       move to Japan to compete. When the two countries are at war his 
       allegiances are torn, but he remains in Japan and later gets sucked
       into a religious cult which tries to exploit his celebrity. However 
       he loyalty to the discipline of his vocation as a Go player. The film 
       has been described as "visually elegant and psychologically astute",
       but other reviews say the film was not up to expectations. 107 minutes.
 2) The Go Masters (Mikan no Taikyoku)
    Year: 1982
    Directed by: Ji-shun Duan, Junya Sato
    Cast: Rentaro Mikuni
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A "Gone with the Wind" all about Go, the film examines how the 
      relationship between a Chinese and a Japanese Go player changes because 
      of events during the war, explained using flash backs when they meet 
      again after the war has ended. Many Go scenes including clubs and 
      tournaments, and a scene where the Chinese player prefers to have his 
      Go fingers cut off than play the enemy, the Japanese. 123 minutes.
3) Tokyo Newcomer 
    Year: 2012
    Directed by: Jiang Qinmin 
    Cast: Qin Hao, Chieko Baisho, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
    Source: Festival Review IMDB
    Comment: Chinese Go genius Yoshiryu (Qin Hao) comes to Japan to hone his skills 
       in the game, but finds he’s too busy earning a living to study Go at all. 
       One day, he meets an old woman hawking vegetables, who turns out to be a 
       descendant of a prestigious Go family. The latest film by Jiang Qinmin – 
       who also directed The Last Sunflower and Sky Lovers – Tokyo Newcomer 
       is "a touching drama about true communication, transcending national 
       borders and generation gaps, through go." Naturally features quite a bit
       on Go including a game played in front of distinguished guests with a proper
       goban and stone in an traditional Japanese building. Trailer
       Japanese with Chinese or English subtitles. 

4) The Taste of Tea (Cha no Aji)
    Year: 2004
    Directed by: Katsuhito Ishii 
    Cast: Tadanobu Asana, Takahiro Sato
    Source: Wikipedia IMDB
    Comment: Although Go is not the only focus of the film, it is one of its essential 
      ingredients and appears more often than in other films like Pi and A Beautiful Mind.
      The film is concerned with the lives of the Haruno family, who live in rural Tochigi 
      prefecture, the countryside north of Tokyo. Nobuo is a hypnotherapist who teaches his 
      son, Hajime, to play Go. Hajime becomes an excellent Go player, but he has a rough 
      time with girls and puberty. Nobuo's wife, Yoshiko refuses to be an average housewife, 
      and works on animated film projects at home. She uses assistance from Grandfather Akira,   
      an eccentric old man who is a former animator and occasional model. Uncle Ayano, a sound 
      engineer and record producer, moves in with the family. He is looking to restart his life 
      again after living in Tokyo for several years. Meanwhile, Yoshiko's daughter Sachiko, 
      believes that she is followed around everywhere by a giant version of herself, and she
      searches for ways to rid herself of it. Go is played variously at school, home and clubs.
 5) Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (Sai De Ke Ba Lai)
    Year: 2011
    Directed by: Te-Sheng Wei
    Cast: Masanobu Ando, Umin Boya, Chi-Wei Cheng
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Taiwanese film set in the Japanese occupation of Taiwan when 
      the local Seediq people rebelled. Visible in the extended film trailer 
      (4 min 21 sec in), in one scene an injured man talks leaning over a Go 
      board. (Japanese and Seediq language with Chinese and English subtitles.)
 6) Rough Cut (Yeong-hwa-neun Yeong-hwa-da)
    Year: 2008
    Directed by: Hun Jang
    Cast: Ji-Sub So, Su-Hyeon Hong, Ji-Hwan Kang
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Korean film about a gangster who wants to be an actor and an
      an actor who wants to be a gangster. In one scene a visitor in jail
      sticks a transparency of a Go game on the window between him and the
      inmate, and the inmate indicates moves that result in the capture of
      a stone which is then crossed out.  
 7) White Vengeance (Yeong-hwa-neun Yeong-hwa-da)
    Year: 2011
    Directed by: Daniel Lee 
    Cast: Shao-Feng Feng, Leon Lai, Hanyu Zhang, Anthony Wong
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: This tells the story of two brothers contending for supremacy 
      during the fall of the Qin Dynasty in the 3rd century BC. At a banquet
      advisors Fan Zeng (Anthony Wong) and Zhang Liang (Zhang Hanyu) play a 
      long Go match that is supposed to mirror the path the warring brother 
      have set out on. They play on a row of metre high Go tables with over-
      sized grey boards, the biconvex stones held in metal stands, the moves 
      called out by the players. To remove captured stones they bang the table
      with a sword and catch the stones as they fly in the air (see 1hr 11 mins
      in)! The philosophy of I Ching is mentioned during the match. 
      (Chinese language.)
 8) The Warlords (Tau Ming Chong)
    Year: 2007
    Directed by: Peter Chan and Wai Man Yip
    Cast: Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: The movie is set in the 1860s during the Taiping Rebellion. 
      Of course there are battles and martial arts and a love triangle. 
      Toward the end two of the Emperors’ officials are talking while playing Go, 
      using their moves to refer to the fate of General Pang (played by Jet Li). 
      They play a few moves, but too quickly to get a layout of the position.
 9) Hero (Ying Xiong)
    Year: 2002
    Directed by: Yimou Zhang
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: The main character fights against a bad guy and plays 
      on a Go board over which it rains and while playing the stones 
      not on the lines but inside the squares.
10) Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
    Year: 1985
    Directed by: Paul Schrader
    Cast: Ken Ogata
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: This beautiful film is based on the works of Yukio Mishima, 
      At 23:28 in the master can be seen kneeling at a Goban in a tatami room.
      However mostly Go features in the deleted scenes section of the DVD. The 
      scene shows the main character of Yukio Mishima's 'Temple of the 
      Golden Pavilion' talking with his meditation master, while the 
      master is studying a Go board. One shot in the scene is of nothing
      but the board. In order to exaggerate the sense of perspective, the 
      Go board appears to be trapezoidally shaped and different sized stones
      are used across the board (larger stones are nearer). Since this portion 
      of the film is purportedly lifted from Yukio Mishima's novel, it 
      presumably features in that. The director's comments suggest that he 
      regretted cutting the scene, but it caused some introductory material 
      in the film to be "disproportionately long". 
11) Deadful Melody
    Year: 1993
    Directed by: Min Kun Ng
    Cast: Brigitte Lin, Biao Yuen
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Two characters play while speaking to each other, at one point
      one character crushes a stone in his hand.
12) Zatoichi Seki-sho Yaburi (Zatoichi Demolishes the Barrier)
    Year: 1964
    Directed by: Kimiyoshi Yasuda
    Cast: Shintarou Katsu
    Source: Zatoichi homepage IMDB
    Comment: Zatoichi was a character in a number of Japanese samurai films 
      and he was called "the blind swordsman". In this film, two people, the 
      Oyabun (boss) and his adviser, who takes White, are playing Go. When 
      Zatoichi enters to ask some kind of favour, the chief samurai arrives 
      and he and Zatoichi draw their swords and the blades pass, but apparently 
      no contact is made. Both sheath their swords, and the conversation continues. 
      The proverbial comment is supposed to be made: "A Go player's concentration is 
      such that they will miss their own parents funeral when playing Go". Zatoichi 
      leaves and the Oyabun and the adviser exchange some words. The adviser then 
      plays his next move. The board collapses, having been sliced through the middle, 
      without any of the stones being disturbed. All the stones pour onto the floor.
13) Zatoichi Abare-Himatsuri (At the Fire Festival)
    Year: 1970
    Directed by: Kenji Misumi, Nakadai Tatsuya
    Cast: Shintarou Katsu
    Source: Zatoichi homepage IMDB
    Comment: There is a scene where Zatoichi plays the Big Boss, who is also blind, 
      in a game of Go. They tell where the moves have been played by feel and sound 
      and the boss plays one move to flick a Black stone into Zatoichi's face and 
      Zatoichi then slides a stone to knock the last White move off the board.
14) You Seng (Temptation of a Monk)
    Year: 1993
    Directed by: Clara Law
    Cast: Joan Chen, Michael Lee, Lisa Lu
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Set in 7th century China, there are three Go scenes.
      In one scene a man is seen studying moves (replaying a game) on 
      a Go board and one scene involves throwing a board.
15) Kwaidan (Ghost Stories)
    Year: 1964
    Directed by: Masaki Kobayashi
    Cast: Michiyo Aratama, Keiko Kishi, Rentaro Mikuni
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In one of the scenes the wife of the main character plays Go,
      loses and storms out with the words "What a stupid game". This is to
      illustrate the mean behaviour of the wife. The movie tells four stories.
16) Tsubaki Sanjuro
    Year: 1962
    Directed by: Akira Kurosawa
    Cast: Toshiro Mifune, Tatsuya Nakadai, Keiju Kobayashi
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Kurosawa classic featuring a samurai who saved a framed and
      imprisoned uncle. In a long sequence the main character rests next to a goban 
      while others are rushing in and out and then perches atop it to instruct his young samurai. 
17) Bakushuu (Early Summer)
    Year: 1951
    Directed by: Yasujiro Ozu
    Cast: Chikage Awajima, Setsuko Hara
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Yasujiro Ozu's typical (meaning outstanding) family drama, 
      known in the west as "Early Summer". A story of romance and 
      arranged marriages in post-war Tokyo. The one Go scene has 
      the head of the household, a doctor, playing Go with a friend, 
      talking and smoking, on a Sunday in, of course, early summer.
18) The Fate of Lee Khan (Ying Chun Ge Zhi Fengbo)
    Year: 1973
    Directed by: King Hu
    Cast: Angela Mao, Hu Chin, Feng Tien
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: At 1:08:20 the hero brings a Go set to the table in the inn. 
      He tries to learn the game from another, but two soldiers take over 
      the board and play a few strange opening moves. At 1:12:10 
      we get a close up of the almost full board with some surrounded 
      stones on it. The hero tries kibbitzing and is told not to meddle.
19) The Valiant Ones (Zhong Lei Tu)
    Year: 1975
    Directed by: King Hu
    Cast: Feng Hsu, Ying Bai, Roy Chiao
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Historical drama where the Chinese try to defend their shores 
      from Japanese pirates. The characters are colour-coded as Go pieces 
      (black or other dark shades for the Chinese, white for the Japanese).
      Go boards and stones are used by the characters to keep track of soldiers
      prior to battle, and the battles themselves are structured like a game.
      A game is played in a bamboo forest with red and white stones. (Chinese 
      with English subtitles.)
20) Sex and Zen (Yu pu tuan zhi: Tou qing bao jian)
    Year: 1992
    Directed by: Michael Mak
    Cast: Lawrence Ng
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Go board can sometimes be seen.
21) Autumn Afternoon (Sanma no aji)
    Year: 1962
    Directed by: Yasujiro Ozu
    Cast: Shima Iwashita, Daisuke Kato, Kyoko Kishida,
      Rynji Kita, Noriko Maki, Shinichiro Mikami
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Go board is shown.
22) Godzilla (Gojira)
    Year: 1954
    Directed by: Ishiro Honda
    Cast: Akira Takarada, Momoko Kouchi, Akihiko Hirata,
      Takashi Shimura, Fuyuki Murakami, Sachio Sakai, Toranosuke Ogawa
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: The first classic Godzilla movie, in which a scene has 
      two sailors playing Go.
23) Tui Shou (Pushing Hands)
    Year: 1992
    Directed by: Ang Lee
    Cast: Bin Chao, Victor Chan,
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: There is a scene where the father and son are playing
      Go and the son slaps a stone down (like a surprise checkmate)
      and captures a big group.
24) Hitman (Sat Sau Ji Wong)
    Year: 1998
    Directed by: Wei Tung
    Cast: Jet Li, Simon Yam
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: The final fight is staged in a Japanese style room
      where there is a Go board, with stones on the top. In the
      fight, the board is hurled across the room.
25) Qi Yuan - Chun Qiu (Go Courtyard - Fall, Spring)
    Year: 1996?
    Comment: This movie has more Go in it than possibly any other!
      It is a 'bowl-boiler' Chinese-made-for-TV Go movie (four hours,
      five cassettes). The movie takes place in a palace during the
      Sung Dynasty period c. 1100 A.D. and is based on fact in a
      loose way. In the southern Manchurian kingdom of Liao, everyone
      in the court is mad about Go and in the courtyard there is a Go
      school. A princess is a top player. The top player in the Sung
      court is a man (a 'prince') who is looking for someone to play
      and ends up, so to say, 'courting' the princess. There is an 
      ongoing palace coup plot, of course, and the servant girl of 
      the princess is forced to play Go for her life.
26) Chushingura - Hana no maki yuki no maki
     ("The Loyal 47 Retainers", "The 47 Faithful Samurai" or "The 47 Ronin")
    Year: 1962
    Directed by: Hiroshi Inagaki
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: the film is about 3-1/2 hours long. At 3 hours, one of 
      the bad guys is trapped and he tosses a Go board at his attacker, 
      then a bowl of white stones. There is one scene toward the end of 
      the climactic fight where a trapped samurai picks up a full size 
      floor Goban and hurls it at his attacker who deflects it with a 
      swipe of his sword. The victim then hurls a bowl of white stones 
      at him with no effect at all. The stones fly like snow flakes.
      Two of the attacker's buddies crash in and that's all for the victim.
      This scene is depicted on numerous woodblock prints. The story is 
      a cherished legend and is one of the more popular kabuki stories.
27) So Close (Chik yeung tin sai)
    Year: 2002
    Directed by: Corey Yuen
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In a very short scene two guards are shown playing Go on a 
      mega screen inside a very high tech building.
28) Yapian Zhanzheng (The Opium War)
    Year: 1997
    Directed by: Jin Xie
    Cast: Bao Guoan, Debra Beaumont
    Original music by: Fuzai Jin
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In the film Lin Xezu (Bao Guoan) is playing Go in a pavilion
      when he is informed about the arrival of the British fleet. Being 
      enraged about it he sweeps away the stones from the board with his 
      hand. It shows nicely that high ranking Mandarins were playing Go. 
      The film is interesting, especially as it shows the Opium War period 
      seen from the Chinese side. As a consequence of the Chinese defeat,
      Hong Kong became a British colony.
29) Volcano High
    Year: 2001
    Directed by: Tae-gyun Kim
    Cast: Hyuk Jang, Min-a Shin, Su-ro Kim
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In a long scene two teachers play Go together. It is quite a funny scene, 
      at one point one teacher tries to move the stones with his will-power!
30) Long Xing Tian Xia (The Master)
    Year: 1989
    Directed by: Tsui Hark
    Cast: Jet Li
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Somewhere in the film you see a Go board.
31) Genji Monogatari
    Year: 1951
    Directed by: Kozaburo Yoshimura
    Cast: Kazuo Hasegawa, Michiyo Kogure
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: There is a short sequence were two ladies of the 
      imperial court finish counting a game.
32) Borei Kaibyo Yashiki (Mansion of the Ghost Cat)
    Year: 1958
    Directed by: Nobuo Nakagawa
    Cast: Toshio Hosakawa
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A ghost story featuring a samurai and haunted cat. 
      Indexed on IMDB as Go-related.
33) Jing Wu Ying Xiong (Fist of Legends)
    Year: 1994
    Directed by: Gordon Chan
    Cast: Jet Li, Siu-hou Chin
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: The film is set in pre-Japanese invasion China. It contains 
      a two minute scene (about 75 minutes in) where the Japanese Ambassador 
      is seated at a Go ban with Uncle Funakushi, who is described as samurai 
      clan. Unfortunately they are clearly playing 5-in-a-row (White wins on 
      the second move shown), however the ban is black with white lines and 
      white decoration on the sides, and they have Chinese-style stones and  
      brown bowls. They discuss impending war as they tidy the stones 
      (different amounts are tidied depending on camera angle). Later the ban 
      is briefly seen again in a fight sequence. The film is dubbed English, 
      but a subtitled version refers to the game as Chess.
34) Five Fingers of Death (Tian Xia Di Yi Quan)
    Year: 1972
    Directed by: Chang-Hwa Jeong
    Cast: Lieh Lo
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Hong Kong martial arts film.
35) Ninja and the Warriors of Fire
    Year: 1987
    Directed by: Godfrey Ho
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Hong Kong film. At one point of this gruesome film one of the main
      characters speaks with a Kung Fu master who is studying a game on the Go board.
36) Three Friends (Sechinku)
    Year: 1996
    Directed by: Soon-Rye Yim
    Cast: Hyun-Sung Kim, Hee-Suk Jung, Jang-Won Lee
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Korean film about three young friends. One character is obsessed with
37) The I-go King and His Son (Qi Wang He Ta Er Zi)
    Year: 2008
    Directed by: Wei Zhou
    Cast: Hai-Yan Meng, Song Sun, Cheng-Yang Wang
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: His friends call Liu Yishou, an amateur Go player, “the King of Go.” 
      Liu was laid off, and with no other skills to make a living, teaches the 
      strategic board game in a humble training school for children. Life has been 
      hard for Liu, but his son, Xiaochuan, has chosen to stay with him through the
      difficulties. On an unexpected occasion, Xiaochuan displays an amazing talent 
      for Go, and his father vows to encourage the further development of his game. 
      Along the way the father and son are confronted with challenges, but with courage, 
      persistence and profound love, they eventually arrive at the destination toward 
      which they were headed.
38) Fist of Fury (Jing Wu Men) also known as The Chinese Connection
    Year: 1972
    Directed by: Wei Lo
    Cast: Bruce Lee, Nora Miao, James Tien
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In one scene characters can be seen putting stones on a board. In a fight
      scene the board is on a spindly table and the board is thrown in someone's face.
39) The Man from Nowhere
    Year: 2010
    Directed by: Jeong-Beom Lee
    Cast: Taek-Sik Cha
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Korean thriller in which a man enters a bodega to find the owner at
      his counter reviewing a game on his board.
40) Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (Di Renjie zhu tongtian diguo)
    Year: 2010
    Directed by: Hark Tsui
    Cast: Andy Lau, Carina Lau
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Chinese detective thriller with lots of CGI and martial arts (English subtitles).
      Dee has to solve the mysterious deaths by fire that stop the inauguration of 
      Empress Wu. In one scene the Prince is clearing the board after a game of Go and is
      discussing how he is going to succeed. As he talks an assassin kills him with an arrow
      from the roof above.
41) 13 Assassins (Jusan nin no Shikaku)
    Year: 2010
    Directed by: Takashi Miike
    Cast: Koji Yakusho, Takayuki Yamada, Yusuke Iseya
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Japanese (with English subtitles) period Samurai movie, a remake of a 1963 film.
      13 samurai assassins set out to kill the ruthless Lord Naritsugu. No Go board can be seen,
      but two protagonists talk about continuing a series of games of Go.
43) There was a Father (Chichi Ariki) 
    Year: 1942
    Directed by: Yosujiro Ozu
    Cast: Chishu Ryu, Shuji Sano, Shin Saburi
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A story about the relationship between a widowed father and his son, spread over several years.
      The father, a teacher, plays another at Go during a school outing, whilst the unattended children go out
      on a boat with one of them getting killed. This tragedy leads to the father and son being separated.
43) The Yakiniku Movie: Bulgogi (Yakiniku Muubii: Purukogi) 
    Year: 2007
    Directed by: Su-yeon Gu
    Source: IMDB
    Cast: Ryuhei Matsuda, Yu Yamada, Arat
    Comment: A Japanese Comedy where the old master cook and his friend are constantly playing 
       or pondering the game of Go in the background, without a single move played during the movie. 
44) The Host (Gwoemul) 
    Year: 2006
    Directed by: Joon-ho Bong
    Cast: Kang-ho Song, Hie-bong Byong, Hae-il Park
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A Korean monster movie. Go can be seen about 27 minutes into the movie when the TV is 
       turned on and the channel is changed. The game shown is believed to be a review of O Meien 
       (white) vs Pak Yeong-hun in the 1st Zhonghuan Cup from 2004.
45) Duelist (Hyeong-sa) 
    Year: 2005
    Directed by: Myung-se lee
    Cast: Ji-won Ha, Sung-kee Ahn, Dong-won Kang
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Joseon dynasty Korean swordfighting movie where the villain, who conspires against the government, 
       plays Go. About 70 mins in he is seen capturing a white stone. At about 90 mins he plays a move, but
       is disturbed by a noise tips the ban over scattering stones.
46) When the Last Sword is Drawn (Mibu Gishi Den)
    Year: 2003
    Directed by: Yojiro Takita
    Cast: Kiichi Nakai, Koichi Sato, Yui Natsukawa
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Japanese samurai movie in which the main character plays Go whilst conversing about his
       opponent's impending marriage. 
47) Onmyoji II 
    Year: 2003
    Directed by: Yojiro Takita
    Cast: Mansai Nomura, Hideaki Ito, Kiichi Nakai
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Japanese historical movie in which demons dismember Japanese nobles. The main character, 
       Abe no Seimei, plays Go against a spirit (a shikigami) in the form of his friend Minamoto no 
       Hiromasa, a monk. 
48) Men Behind the Sun (Hei Tai Yang 731)
    Year: 1988
    Directed by: Tun Fei Mou
    Cast: Hsu Guo, Tie Long Lin, Zhaohua Mei
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Set in Manchuria during WWII at the notorious Japanese experimentation camp 731, Go equipment 
       appears in a few scenes. There is a goban on the floor of the geisha house General Ishii visits. 
       A shattered ceramic bowl filled with Go stones inspires his "low temperature pottery bomb". Later, 
       in a dinner scene, Ishikawa and the medical painter are playing Go before debating the morality of 
       their squadron's experiments on the Chinese people, or "maruta" as they were often called. 
49) Thousand Miles Escort (Ren Ba Zhao)
    Year: 1977
    Directed by: Teng Hung Hsu
    Cast: Liang Chia, Ying Bai, Michelle Yim 
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: A low budget Kung Fu movie which features, among other villains, a pair of Go-playing brothers 
      who are hired to kill the protagonist and the orphan he protects. 
50) Tenchi: the Samurai Astronomer (Tenchi Meisatsu)
    Year: 2012
    Directed by: Takita Youjirou
    Cast: Okada Junichi, Miyazaki Aoi, Sato Ryuta
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Also known as "Insight Into the Universe", this is a Japanese film about Yasui Santetsu, a Go 
      player and famous Japanese astronomer, better known as Shibukawa Shunkai. The creator of the Japanese 
      Jokyo calendar and the author of many books about astronomy, he also played with his friend and rival, 
      Honinbo Dosaku, in castle games. The famous game between Dosaku and Santetsu, where Santetsu opened
      on tengen, is depicted in the film. It stars Okada Junichi, a Japanese actor who is also a member of
      the pop group V6. The trailer starts with shots of him holding a Go stone and playing the tengen move.
51) New World
    Year: 2013
    Directed by: Park Hoon-jung
    Cast: Lee Jung-jae, Choi Min-shik, Hwang Jung-min
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: This Korean gangster movie looks at the conflicts between the mob and the police through the
      eyes of an undercover cop. In the trailer, a lady is seen sitting at a Go board and later her oponent
      smacks the board sending the stones flying. 
52) The Stone (Deo Seu-ton or Dol)
    Year: 2013
    Director: Cho Se-rae
    Source: IMDB
    Trailer: Youtube
    Comment: A gangster and Go movie. Coming to grips with the truth that he will never earn a living playing
       baduk, a young man’s chance encounter with a local gangster finds him with a new pupil in Deo Seu-ton.  
       This Korean drama is about the vastly different past and future of the two men and contrasts Go to the
       gangster scene.

Television Dramas

 A) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Year: 2009
    Cast: Lena Headley, Summer Glau
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Season 2 Episode 10 is titled "Strange Things Happen on the 1-2 Point". 
      Cameron (Summer Glau) unfolds a Go board and starts laying out stones 
      on the table in front of Sarah Connor (Lena Headley). The stones have 
      flat tops and are held in glass bowls. Cameron says that Xander does not
      play Chess but prefers Go. The game was invented by the Chinese 5000
      years ago and has more permutations than atoms in the universe. He is
      going to teach her to play. She says that "strange things happen on 
      the 1-2 point" is a Go proverb, which means the usual rules do not 
      always apply. Sarah grabs some white stones and three stick her hand.
      There is a shot of her hand above a Go board with a game in progress
      on it.
 B) Diagnosis Murder
    Year: 1997
    Cast: Dick van Dyke, Barry van Dyke, Charlie Schlatter, Michael Beck
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In the series 5 episode "Deadly Games" (episode 89),
      Frank Waldeck (Michael Beck) is a body guard who is in 
      hospital and plays himself at Weiqi whilst recovering. 
      Dr Mark Sloan (Dick van Dyke) admits he has played occasionally
      and very badly. Mark is challenged to a game when Waldeck is
      better and spends some time with Steve Sloan (Barry van Dyke) and
      Jesse Travers (Charlie Schlatter) studying and reading from a Go
      leaflet. By the time they play, Mark suspects Waldeck of plotting
      a murder and tries to understand his plan from his Go strategy. 
      Eventually Waldeck's plan is sussed, but at the end Steve produces
      a Mancala set and convinces Mark that they'd be better off playing
      that. Several of the Weiqi scenes look more like 5-in-a row and 
      in one a close up is a different position. In the game Mark add a
      second stone to remain in atari and Waldeck plays the capturing 
      move without removing. The set is a mini set with black and white
      bags for the "men". At least they have a try at holding the stones 
      properly, but it's hard with mini-stones. First shown 9th October 1997.
 C) Ally McBeal (Episode 2.37 Pyramids of the Nile)
    Year: 1997
    Cast: Calista Flockhart, Courtney Thorne-Smith,
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: There is a scene of two characters playing Go.
      It is not just a background scene, as the scene starts 
      with a birds-eye view of the game. The Go game wasn't much 
      of a game but at least the position was legal - at least 
      until Richard Fish (played by Greg Germann) was put off his
      game by Ling Woo (played by Lucy Liu) talking dirty to him.
 D) 24 (Episode: 3.15)
    Year: 2003
    Cast: Kiefer Sutherland
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In Series 3 of "24" (Episode 15 3:00am-4:00am), an agent called Wong enters a seedy LA club 
      where three games of Go are in progress in different rooms. The male players are variously drinking 
      and smoking and being watched by loose women and other men. Later the hero, agent Jack Bauer,
      catches and then questions a terrorist suspect seated at a Go table with a recently abandoned 
      game on it. When Jack fails to get a response from the suspect, in frustration he scatters a
      lid of prisoners with his hand. The scene continues in the room at the start of Episode 16 
      (4:00am-5:00am) and the Go Club incident is twice referred to in later episodes.      
 E) Enterprise (Episode: 2.48) "Cogenitor"
    Year: 2003
    Cast: Scott Bakula, Connor Trinneer, Jolene Blalock
    Source: Startrek Webpage
    Comment: The Enterprise's engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III (played by Connor Trinneer)
      teaches Go to a Vissian cogenator (third gender being) (played by Becky Wahstrom) seated
      at a goban on the floor of his cabin. Trip captures a white stone and the Vissian takes a
      clearly long dead black stone off of the board and asks if it means it has won. Trip reveals
      that in two years of playing of playing this (Go is not named) that was the first time he was beaten.
 F) Arrested Development
    Year: 2004
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In the latter episodes of the first series of this US comedy, 
      the mother adopts a teenage Korean boy called Annyong (played by Justin Lee).
      At the very end of the last episode of the series (episode 22 "Let 'Em Eat Cake"), he
      is seen playing the girl Maeby (played by Alia Shawkat). They have small stones and board
      and there are heaps of mixed-up stones on the table all around the board.
 G) Criminal Minds
    Year: 2005
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Go featured prominently in the 22nd September 2005 premiere of CBS Criminal Minds 
       television drama. Discovering a Go board in the attic room of a suspect's house,  
       FBI profilers Greenaway (Lola Glaudini), Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Gideon (Mandy 
       Patinkin) and Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) discuss the game: 
         Greenaway: What kind of game is it?
         Reid: In China, it's called weiqi, here we call it Go. It's considered 
               the most difficult board game ever conceived.
         Gideon: Chairman Mao required his generals to learn it.
         Reid: It also looks like he's playing himself.
         Greenaway: How can you tell?
         (Spins board which is mounted on a turntable)
         Reid: This might provide an advantage; actually Go is considered to 
               be a particularly psychological revealing game. There are profiles 
               for every player. The conservative point counter, the aggressor, 
               the finessor.
         Hotchner: What kind of player is this one?
         Reid: Extreme aggressor.
 H) Andromeda 
    Year: 2000 - 2002
    Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Lexa Doig
    Source: IMDB
            Go on Andromeda
    Comment: Go playing or Go references appear in several episodes. In various episodes
      Captain Dylan Hunt (the hero played by Sorbo) plays 3D Go (three blue-glass with 
      white lines 11x11 Go boards stacked on top of each other, supported by a clear 
      plastic column in one corner, just like the 3D Chess they used to play on Star Trek). 
      The stones are the half-sized sort and are kept in a single light-pink bowl. He also
      often thinks by the Go board because of the connections with his old first officer
      Rhade. He gets the Seamus Harper to make a hologram of Rhade for him to play against.
      Another of his opponents is Prince Erik.
      Episode S1E05: Double Helix 
         In this episode the Captain, Dylan Hunt (played by Sorbo), is seen reflecting on what 
         to do whilst holding a single white stone. In a series of flashbacks (between 27 minutes 
         and 32.5 minute in) he is seen playing with his former first mate Gaheris Rhade 
         (played by Steve Bacic). Hunt does not know how to pick up a Go stone properly, 
         sometimes using his thumb and in one clip seen trying to move the stone to the 
         correct fingers. Rhade warns him "Careful Captain! 10 moves until I win". Hunt 
         says "I have played Go with you for 3 years now, why do you treat winning like 
         a matter of life and death?" "Because it is" Rhade replies. Sorbo then spots a 
         missing stone on point "5d4". Rhade says it is only cheating if you get caught 
         and reveals the stone in his fist. When asked if he has always been cheating, 
         he is surprised the captain hasn't been also cheating "in order to win". No  
         positions can be seen clearly, but what can be seen does not look much like a 
         real Go position. 
      Episode S2E02: Exit Strategies
         At the end of this episode, Dylan Hunt and Tyr sit down for a Go game and Hunt invites 
         Tyr to make his move.
      Episode S2E16: In Heaven Now Are Three
         This episode contains several references to the game of Go. In one scene, Hunt's
         approach to complex battle situations is said to be as if he were playing a game 
         of Go thinking many moves ahead. In another scene, when faced with a life-and-death 
         duel, the he suggests that he would rather settle the conflict by playing a game of Go.
      Episode S4E18: Trusting the Gordian Maze
         In this episode Dylan Hunt says "I am excellent at Go." Indra Xicol replies "...I can beat 
         anyone at Go."
I) Caprica
    Year: 2009
    Cast: Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales, Alessanda Torresani
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In episode 2, "Rebirth", of this prequel to Battlestar Galactica as two characters
       walk through a market an old man is seen playing Go with a nice looking board (21:40 mins in).
J) Chessgame
    Year: 1983
    Cast: Terence Stamp
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: Terence Stamp stars as a spy master. He had a board on his office desk and would
      occasionally place a stone for dramatic effect. British dan-level player Michael Carver
      appeared in this as Nick Hannah, so it is assumed that Go was introduced by his influence.
 K) The Man in Room 17
    Year: 1965
    Cast: Michael Aldridge, Richard Vernon, Willoughby Goddard, Denholm Elliot
    Comment: This British crime series from 1965-1966, featured a "Mycroft 
      Holmes" approach to crime-solving. The two men never left room 17, but 
      directed minions who went to catch the criminals. There was a Goban 
      in the middle of the set and in between crimes the men played Go. The script 
      was full of Go allusions like "We must surround the opposition before 
      launching our attack, then drive them into our territory". The was also 
      an explicit reference to the similarity between crime-fighting and Go playing, 
      though Go itself was never explained despite the title sequence just being a
      series of Go positions. 
 L) Navarro
    Year: 1989
    Cast: Roger Hanin, Sam Karmann
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In one episode of this French crime drama a Go player
      kills all others to win a tournament.
    Year: 1997
    Cast: David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson
    Source: http://www.tv.com
    Comment: In series 2, episode 10 "The Game of Go", the main
      character plays with a Columbian drug lord. However, they 
      play in the squares. First shown 28th February 1997.
 N) La Femme Nikita
    Year: 1997
    Cast: Peta Wilson, Roy Dupuis
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In one episode it is explained how Go is very popular 
      among their super spy group. They show a Go board that uses 
      triangular stones and the board is a glass see-through table 
      with black lines painted on it.
 O) Marco Polo
    Year: 1982
    Cast: Ken Marshall, Denholm Elliott, Tony Vogel
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In a scene in this mini-series in the imperial palace you 
      see a Go board in the distance.
 P) Sliders
    Year: 1995 
    Cast: Jerry O'Connell
    Comment: In series 1 episode 7 "Eggheads" Quinn Mallory explains 
      that the game "Mindgame" is just like Go or Othello.
 Q) Kamen Rider 555
    Year: 2003
    Comment: In episode 1 of this Japanese sci-fi series Yuji's uncle 
      is seen reading a book and playing Go whilst talking about Yuji's
      father's business.
 R) Diamonds
    Year: 1981
    Comment: It is reported that this UK drama series about diamond merchants 
      included an character playing Go and has a Goban visible in the background 
      of several episodes. British dan-level player Michael Culver appeared in 
      this as David Kremer, so it is presumed to be him playing Go. Intriguingly 
      two episodes are called "A Taste of the Orient" and "Middle Game". 
 S) Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)
    Year: 2003 
    Comment: around about episode 2080 of this German soap opera, while visiting Castle 
      Königsbrunn, Charlie Schneider plays Go with Count von Lahnstein. The Count is said 
      to be a descendant of Lasker and it is also said that he has won several times the 
      German Go Championship and that he often travels to Japan.
 T) Have Gun – Will Travel
    Year: 1962
    Comment: In Episode 186, "The Coming of the Tiger"  (season 5 episode 30) of this classic
      TV Western, the hero, Paladin (Richard Boone) is shown playing a game of Go in San Francisco.
      To the dismay of his Japanese opponent, Paladin announces that the position is seki. 
      The game is interrupted by a crisis and resumed at the end of the episode. It looks more
      like they were actually playing Five-in-a-row though.  
 U) Tower High
    Year: 2010
    Comment: In Episode 12 of this US teen drama, set in a mysterious school/prison, a Go board can
      be seen (c25 mins in). Suki Sato (played by Dyana Liu) returns to her room to find her mysterious 
      elder brother Shinji leaning against her table. On the table is a flat Go board with a position 
      on and rectangle trays for the stones.
 V) Bubujingxin
    Year: 2011
    Comment: A Chinese TV drama where in one episode two characters in period dress sit at a table with 
      a Go board with a random position on it.
 W) Ja Myung Go
    Year: 2009
    Comment: A Korean TV period drama where, in episode 10, General Wang Geng plots assassinations while
      seated at a Go ban.
 X) Gosei Sentai Dairanger
    Year: 1993-1994
    Comment: A Japanese TV series in the Power Rangers genre that ran for 50 episodes. In one episode
       a boy named Akomaru is in trouble with a big chap named Gorma. At the start of a scene the edge 
       of a Goban, with very dark Go bowls, can be seen and later Gorma can be seen placing stones it. 
 Y) Last Resort
    Year: 2012
    Cast: Andre Braugher
    Comment: The series is about a renegade U.S. submarine crew on an island in the Indian Ocean.
      In episode 10 ("Blue Water"), a Chinese diplomat named Zheng visits the crew offering humanitarian aid. 
      He meets with Captain Chaplin, who is wary of what strings might come attached with the aid. Zheng 
      offers Chaplin his grandfather's go board as a gift. When Chaplin says he prefers chess, Zheng says 
      "In chess, the victor is the one who annihilates his opponent's armies. In Weiqi or Go, victory goes 
      to the one who can control the most territory with the fewest armies." Later in the episode, they play
      a game against each other, and Zheng catches Chaplin in a trap, exactly what Chaplin fears might be the 
      real-life situation if he accepts Zheng’s aid. 
 Z) DaVinci's Demons
    Year: 2013
    Comment: Episode 3 "The Prisoner" is structured to parallel a game of Go, played by Riario and the eponymous,
      mysterious prisoner. The villain forces a prisoner to teach him Go and then uses the Go strategy and 
      philosophy that he is learning against his enemies, in this case DaVinci’s employer and DaVinci himself.

Other Television

 A) The Art of War
    Year: 2009
    Comment: Shown on the US History Channel,  The Art of War included references to 
      Go. In the 2-hour program based on the writings of Sun Tzu, his strategies are 
      likened to Go and Go equipment is shown, albeit with a very un-Go-like arrangement
      of stones on the board. The show demonstrates Sun Tzu's principles in the war between 
      the ancient Chinese states of Wu and Chu, the Vietnam War, the landing at Normandy 
      during WW II, and the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War. In each of these cases 
      reference is made to Go. One of the factors attributed to the American defeat in 
      Vietnam was the observation that General Westmoreland followed a Chess-like strategy,
      whereas, North Vietnam's General Giap followed a Go-like strategy. In several instances 
      a Go grid was superimposed on soldiers marching off to fight. It's pretty obvious the 
      creators don't play Go themselves -- these grids have Go stones scattered on them, some 
      on top of each other like the kings in Checkers! But, hey, they've got good things to 
      say about Go, so who cares?"
 B) The Shogun
    Year: 2008
    Comment: A BBC dramatised documentary about how Tokogawa Ieyasu become the Shogun,
      ruler of all Japan. In the first scene, 15 minutes in, Ieyasu plays Go while
      planning his war strategy. He fingers a white stone while musing and states that
      you should be in no hurry to remove an opponent you can beat. In the second
      scene 23 minutes in his son and top general are playing and he urges them to
      finish more quickly in order to go to battle.
 C) Victory at Sea
    Year: 1952
    Comment: In part 7 of the WW2 documentary Shogi and Go are shown being 
      played inside a Japanese ship.
 D) Look Around You
    Year: 2005
    Comment: In this BBC spoof 80s documentary series, in the opening sequence of the episode on computers,
       (Series 2 Episode 5) film can been seen of a London games fair with British Go player Nick Webber 
       teaching Go.
 E) New Frontiers - Ancient Chinese Games - Part One: Go and Chinese Chess
    Year: 2009
    Comment:  A 30 minute documentary aired on Chinese international station CCTV9 as part 
       of a series looking at Chinese culture and focusing on Go and Chinese Chess. Many 
       shots of the games and of artworks, including a game shown in profile between two 
       players dressed in black and white. Interviews about the history of the game with
       a magazine editor and about computer Go with the director of a research institute.
    Source: YouTube
 F) Die Sendung mit der Maus (Mouse TV)
    Year: 2002
    Soutce: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Sendung_mit_der_Maus
    Comment: In this German pedagogical program for young children the edition on 8th September 2002
       featured a presentation on Go.
 G) Blue Peter
    Year: 1999
    Comment: In this BBC pedagogical program for children the edition on 4th October 1999
       mentioned Go and its origins in connection with a piece on games, connected with a games
 H) Andrew Marr's History of the World
    Year: 2012
    Comment: In the second part of this BBC documentary series, we see (at 41.45 minutes in) for about 
       five seconds two modern day Chinese men playing Go in the street, with three other men watching,
       as part of the section on Confucius. We even see a close up of a white Chinese-style stone being 
    Other British TV programs are listed on the BGA web site


 A) Hikaru no Go
    Year: 2001
    Produced by: TV Tokyo
    Writer: Hotta Yumi
    Artist: Obata Takeshi
    Source: About Hikaru no Go
    Comment: This animated series began on TV Tokyo on October 10, 2001 
      and ran for several years. The Go consultant was Umezawa Yukari, the Pro
      from the Nihon Kiin. Hikaru no Go won the Excellent Work Award at the
      Tokyo International Animation Fair 2001. Now dubbed in English (area-1).
 B) Weiqi Shaonian (Go Youngsters)
    Year: 2006
    Source: Chinese TV web site
    Produced by: Central China TV Children's Channel
    Comment: Historical anime set in Chinese featuring children, lots of fighting and
       of course a lot of Go scenes in every episode. 
 C) Summer Wars 
    Year: 2009
    Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In this movie, Kenji meets his girlfriend's Grandma (aged 90) when she 
      is kneeling next to a tradition goban, with bowls, having just been reviewing 
      a game from a book (9.5 minutes in). Later on they play cards using the goban 
      as a table.
D) Top wo Nerae! (Gunbuster)
    Year: 1988
    Directed by: Hideaki Anno
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In a scene one of this sci-fi series the female character speaks 
      with her instructor who is playing alone on what seems to be a traditional 
      goban. But on the side there is an electronic device, so perhaps the goban
      is a computer and he is playing against it?

 E) Dragon Ball
    Year: 1986
    Writen by: Akira Toriyama
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: This anime series, based on "Journey to the West" ("Monkey"), 
      has some scenes with Go in. 
 F) Dr. Slump 
    Year: 1997
    Writen by: Akira Toriyama
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: Theere have been various series and movies of this anime, 
     featuring an inventor and a robot girl called Arale, and sometimes 
     there are scenes with Go in.

 G) Ranma 1/2 - "Big Trouble in Nekonron, China"
    Year: 1989
    Directed by: Shuji Iuchi
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: At the start of this movie, a giant panda and a man are sitting
       playing at a goban. We see the bord close up, from the side and above.
       The are undisturbed by a fight in the garden over trying to steal some
 H) The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari)
    Year: 1987
    Directed by: Gisaburo Sugii 
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: There is at supposed to be a Go scene in this animated adaptation.
 I) Gunparade March
    Year: 2003
    Directed by: J. C. Staff
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In episode three for a brief moment you see a white stone 
      being played on a board, just as the students are called away from
      their leisure.
 J) Ruroni Kenshin (Samurai X)
    Year: 1999
    Directed by: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: This historical anime OVA series (as opposed to the TV 
      series or the movie of the same name) shows traditional boards 
      in the background. In the first episode, one of the main characters 
      plotting the downfall of the shogunate is seen playing Go with 
      a woman, just before someone comes in and informs him some 
      loyalists have discovered a plot meeting and are assassinating 
 K) Otogi Zoshi 
    Year: 2004
    Directed by: Mizuho Nishikubo
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In this violent period drama, a very brief scene (2-3 seconds)
      at the beginning of Episode 3 you see an ancient painting, on it at 
      the end two people are shown playing Go.
 L) Case Closed (Meitantei Conan)  
    Year: 1996
    Directed by: Mike McFarland
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: In one episode the solution to an enigma is found "written" 
      on a Go board.
 M) Code Lyoko 
    Year: 2005
    Directed by: Jerome Mouscadet
    Source: IMDB
    Comment: In Epsode 29 "Exploration" of this sci-fi series, where the 
      young characters leave reality to fight in a virtual world, Yumi and her
      father play Go at home on a board on a low table. They both pass and the 
      father claims to have won by 5. However Yumi reminds him that as she is 
      white she wins by .5 after komi. However, from the board close-ups, they 
      have stopped before the game is properly over.
 N) Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple 
    Year: 2007
    Writer: Shun Matsuera
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: One episode of this martial arts anime mentions Go as an example of a territory game.
 O) Bleach 
    Year: 2005
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: In episode 318, Ukitake and Shunsui are seen in period costume sitting on a raised floor
      with a Goban between them. One kneels and the other sits with his legs over the side of the platform.
      No stones are seen, but there is the familiar click when one of the players places a stone.
      The episode is called "Conclusion of the Death Match! White Pride and Black Desire".
      Also Go is seen in episode 258 "Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey"; Kurosaki Ichigo comes home
      and finds the occupants have fallen asleep watching television which is now showing Go.
 P) Nichijou 
    Year: 2011
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: One version of the opening credits a Go board can be seen. The boys belong to the
      "Igo Soccer Club" and can sometimes be seen at their Go boards.
 Q) Tenjou Tenge 
    Year: 2005
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: In Episode 26 (the last and one of straight to video episodes) of the anime Tenjou Tenge, about
       a long running martial arts feud in a school, two men are playing at a Go board (at 7:40), presumably
       teachers in the staff room. A white stone is placed to put three stones in atari to create ko for life
       of a big group. The oponent says "That was an impressive move." A this point two girls fighting with 
       katana fly in though the window and the board is upset before they run off. The white player requests
       his oponent to come clean and admit he flipped the board. 

 R) Doraemon
    Year: 1973 on
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: The robotic cat that travels back from the 22nd century to aid the boy Nobita, 
       is seen in one episode reading a Go book and placing moves on a small Go ban.
 S) Hunter x Hunter
    Year: 2011 on
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: In episode 102 the characters have a Goban and start to learn. "It make take
      more time than Shogi" and "It may look simple, but it is a complex game" are two
      quotes. As they play they discuss the strategy of disrupting your opponent's rhythm.
 T) Area No Kishi  (Knight in the Area)
    Year: 2012
    Source: Wikipedia
    Comment: In episode 24 of this soccer anime, a game of Go is played by two managers,
       one of whom compares Go strategy to soccer.

Films on / about Go

 1) Weiqi Wonders: Conversations About the Game of Go in China 
    Year: 2012
    Source: Web page
    Comment: AIn this 50 minute documentary anthropologist Marc L. Moskowitz 
      interviews people in China in settings ranging from children’s schools to 
      China’s elite Beijing University to a park where retired working 
      class men gather to play, from child educators to those reminiscing 
      about their own youth during the Cultural Revolution. What emerges is
      a fascinating cultural study as people discuss children’s education, 
      retirement, China forty years ago and today. "As Chinese politics have 
      changed over the last two millennia, so too has the imagery of the game,"
      Moskowitz notes, "from a tool to seek religious enlightenment, to military 
      metaphors, one of the noble four arts, one of the condemned 'four olds', 
      nationalism, transnationalism, historical elitism, and futuristic hyper 
      rationality." The film is "witness to people’s lives, ranging from 
      university students to working class senior citizens, professional players, 
      people who gave up professional careers to become students, and a range of 
      others who all share a love for this extraordinary game." Available on DVD. 
 2) Go (Japanese Embassy)
    Year: 1960 (circa)
    Comment: An educational film about Go, quite old but
      still worthwhile to see.
 3) Go Basics (American Ing Goe)
    Year: 1995
    Comment: From USA with Aan (Black) and Cliff (White). 14.30 minutes.
 4) Go More Than a Game
    Year: 1989 
    Source: Chip Taylor
    Comment: Made for Chip Taylor Communications by Kathi Twomey Wahen and Liz Manning. 
       Running time 12 Minutes. Describes the importance of the game Go to Asian culture 
       and its increasing popularity in the United States.
 5) Le Jeu de Go (The Game of Go)
    Year: 1991
    Source: YouTube
    Comment: Promotional film made by Fred Donzet for the FFdG and lasts 8.44 minutes.
      Shots of a busy Go club, stones being tipped on a board to music, art works, 
      how to play with stop action, scenes from the 1991 Paris Tournament, a couple playing 
      Go in a Japanese room and so on.
 6) Go (American Go Association)
    Year: ?
    Source: (http://www.usgo.org/)
    Comment: Go promotional film (made thanks to Hitachi).
 7) Go Lessons (Italian Go Federation)
    Year: 1999
    Directed by: Paolo Montrasio
    Produced by: FIGG (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Go)
    Source: (http://www.freespeech.org/figg/)
    Comment: Short streamline films with lessons for beginners,
      the set was due to be completed in 2000 and consists of
      several parts ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.
 8) AGA Summer Camp
    Year: 1999
    Directed by: Jeff Shaevel
    Produced by: Mopac Media for the American Go Association
    Original music by: Brown, Bahler, Muhoberac and Zuker
    Cinematography by: Kevin Triplett
    Comment: High energy video promoting the AGA Summer Go Camp, a
      week-long event for children 5 to 17 years old that features
      professional instruction, tournament games and typical summer
      camp activities. The video is 7 minutes long with images taken
      at the camp and voice over by a "camper" reading her letter
      to "Mom and Dad" - features sound bites from campers and
      counselors sprinkled throughout the video.
 9) Hitachi & the AGA
    Year: 1999
    Produced by: Mopac Media for the American Go Association
    Comment: Video made for the promotion of Go
10) Ing & the AGA
    Year: 1999
    Produced by: Mopac Media for the American Go Association
    Comment: Video made for the promotion of Go
11) US Go Congress
    Year: 2000
    Produced by: Mopac Media for the American Go Association
    Comment: Video made for the promotion of Go
12) EGF Go Congress Zagreb
    Year: 2002
    Directed by: Zoran Mutabzjia (?)
    Produced by: Croatian IGo Alliance
    Source: (http://www.european-go.org/egc2002)
    Comment: Pictures, video clips and tournament results from 
      Zagreb's 2002 EGC on CD-ROM and 2-hours VHS video tape.
13) Go Communication
    Year: 2003
    Produced by: Fureai Go Network
    Cast: Shigeno Yuki, Yasuda Yasutoshi, Michael Marz
    Comment: Film made to promote the work of Yasuda-sensei with 
      English Subtitles (24 mins).
14) 1 minute 2 Go
    Year: 2011
    Produced by: European Go and Cultural Centre 
    Cast: Marika Dubiel, William Wandell
    Comment: An on going series of Go promotion films all 60 seconds long.
15) Une Honorable Partie de Go
    Year: 1979
    Comment: Documentary shown on French TV (20th March) that introduced 
      the game to many from France and Belgium. It looked at the game's 
      relationship with oriental warfare and history. 
16) Graines de Champions
    Year: 2010
    Source: FFdeGo
    Comment: Another of Frederick Donzet's 15 films for the French Go Federation. 
      A 20 minutes documentary, made over five years, about Thomas Debarre and 
      Antoine Fenech.

Advertising / Commercials

 1) Chinese Advert
    Year: 199?
    Comment: A Chinese advert for a liquor, in which, after drinking, the
      main character plays a move to show "spirit".
 2) Promo for the Channel
    Year: 2003
    Produced by: CCNTV
    Comment: On CCNTV9 (the English language edition of the Chinese state TV channel).
      In a brief "jingle" a Go board is seen many times. (11 March 2003 roughly at 7.30am)
 3) Domino's Pizza
    Year: 2009
    Source:  YouTube
    Comment:  An actor playing Rick Rossner "World's Smartest Man", IQ 200, (and looking the 
       world's most intelligent man Rick Rosner) sits with a boy at a white table and chairs 
       with his sandwich. He had has presumably just beaten the boy at Go, as the boy (an 
       average fifth grader, IQ 100) sweeps the stones off the board. 
 4) X-Box Kinect
    Year: 2011
    Source:  YouTube
    Comment:  A mini Go ban with bowls is visible on a table in the first scene of this ad,
       showing a couple sitting on a sofa in their lounge. 
 5) Daum Mobile Phone
    Year: 2013
    Source:  YouTube
    Comment:  This Korean ad features a young Go addict who cannot sleep and is
       restless in life as he relies on using the elevator doors in his flats 
       to mark out games in pen. His mind is put at rest by the friendly 
       janitor who recommends the smart phone, presumably with Go apps.
 6) Daum Mobile Phone
    Year: 2013
    Source:  YouTube
    Comment:  This Korean ad in the same series as the previous one includes
        graphics of people walking on a Go ban and shots of the young man playing
        at a table board with bowls.


 A) French pop-rock group OmEgA in their 2012 song video "Au Couer Des Limbes" 
    features Go heavily. We see a Go board leaning against the drums, the lead singer (dressed in 
    black playing White) playing a young lady (dressed in white playing Black) and he banging the  
    board, spinning stone graphics and so on. 
 B) The film "Topsy Turvy" (about the famous Operetta authors
    Gilbert and Sullivan), which won two Oscars, briefly features not
    Go, but a Go player from our London clubs. He is Tokumi Ayzen and
    he is the Japanese calligrapher inside the Liberty's exhibition.
    He speaks just one line (in Japanese: I don't understand English).
    Ayzen-san is 3-dan. He is a well known artist by profession.
 C) The actor Michael Culver is a British Go player who holds the rank of 1-dan. 
    He played the role of Captain Needa in "Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back". 
    Lorth Needa was captain of the star destroyer Avenger in the Battle of Hoth, 
    and was killed after apologising to Darth Vader for allowing Han Solo's 
    Millennium Falcon to (as he thought) escape. Once, in a BBC period 
    flying drama called "Squadron", he played an RAF officer. He had to read 
    a magazine and selected a copy of "Go Review" and in another had to  
    carry a book around, he made sure that he carried a copy of one of
    the Ishida Dictionaries. He is believed to be seen playing Go in "Diamonds"
    (see above).
 D) Go often features in questions in TV quiz shows. On 5 June 2002 on 
    US quiz show "Jeopardy", under the category 'Two Letter Words' they
    showed a short video clip of a pair of staff playing Go, described as 
    a Japanese game, which was easily answered by one of the contestants.
    The brief view of the game was enough to determine that it was not a 
    real game played, merely a few formations of stones. It was also the 
    topic of a round on 13 December 2010 with questions on its origin, rules
    and terminology.
    In the UK there have been questions on "The Weakest Link", "Mastermind", 
    "15 to 1", "Eggheads", "Only Connect" and "University Challenge".
    One of the quiz experts on "Eggheads" is Barry Simmons who is 1 kyu and
    his son Mark was youth champion when at school.
 E) On BBC News, 31 July 2002: A story about Hikaru no Go craze among Japanese children.
 F) In a news programme on Italian State TV (third channel, 2002):
    Mediamente (RAI3 8:35-9:05) inside an item about strategy games on internet
    there was a brief mention about Go. Yahoo games was briefly shown, and a Go 
    board with some stones on it.
 G) On UK's Channel 4 show "Countdown" on 5th, 6th and 9th May 2011, contestant 
    Tony Atkins is introduced as the Secretary of the EGF, and Go and the 
    WMSG 2008 get mentioned.