EYGC 2020 in Prague
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First of all I have to apologise for the late publishing of this article.
My only excuse is that due to the latest events in Europe, the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, brought about a big change in my circumstances, as I became the host of some refugees from Ukraine. The Czech Go ascocation is doing a great job by setting up a fund to be used for go players from the Ukraine who have now been left homeless because of the war.

if you want to help as well have a look here!

A group of beautiful dancing queens performing during the opening ceremony

The European Youth Go Championship (EYGC) began with 114 participants this year. There were 32 players in the U12 category, 42 in the U16, and 40 in the U20 category.
Twenty pairs took part in the pair go side event.

In the main event two players, one from the Ukraine and one from Czechia, were allowed to play online due to the impossiblity for them to travel for different kind of reasons.

Astonishingly, all the children, even the very youngest ones, seemed to play very seriously, gaurding there concentration during the whole game.

And than finally in the last round a small incident happend as a young player pressed his clock without playing a move. After a short and hectic discussion, the game restarted at the point just before the mistake was made. And, instructively, everyone was happy with this decision.

All results from every category can be found here.

All participants of the EYGC were given 8 days access to AI-Sensei, and all were given a keepsake, individual Diplomas for Participating in the championship.

1) prizes for top 3 players in each category

U12 and U16 categories
- 1st place: 200 € voucher
- 2nd place: 150 € voucher
- 3rd place: 100 € voucher
I enclose 200 € voucher to the attachment as an example how the vouchers can be used. Using of all vouchers is the same, just values for different places are different.

The winners in the different categories are:

U12 category:
1. Bende BARCZA from Hungary (8 years old)
2. Alper SULAK from Turkey
3. Alexandru-Nicolas PATRASCU from Romania

U16 category:
1. Vsevolod OVSIIENKO from Ukraine
2. Yuze XING from Germany
3. Anna MELNYK from Ukraine

All winners in the U12 and U16 got

U20 category
- 1st place: 150 € voucher + online lesson with Choi Cheol-han
- 2nd place: 150 € voucher
- 3rd place> 100 € voucher

The winners were:
1. Arved PITTNER from Germany
2. Davide BERNARDIS from Italy
3. Denis DOBRANIS from Romania

All winners got vouchers, and the prize of a lesson with Choi Cheol-han was won by the winner of the category U20. This prizes were sponsored by the EGF and Moyo Holding through CAGO and JIGS.

There were also prizes for best girls in each category sponsored by Damir Medak and the Croatian Go Federation - free accommodation and catering during Zaostrog summer camp 2022

The winners were:
- U12 category: Lilly Hu from Austria
- U16 category: Anna Melnyk from Ukraine
- U20 category: Antonia Stanciu from Romania

There were vouchers for best players sponsored by Guo Juan Internet Go school.
As no player, excepting the winners won all 6 games, players with 5 wins were awarded 40 € vouchers:

- Julia Volovich (United Kingdom) in U20 category
- Tonka Zderic (Croatia) in U16 category

Fair play prize:
a 40 € voucher was also used as a fair play prize. 14 years old Vojtech Bocan agreed to play U20 category instead of U16 category because there was an odd number of players in both categories. He could have had much better chance of a good result in the U16 category than in the U20 category, where he was instead one of the weakest players.

- 40 € vouchers were also given to the winner pair of the pair go Tournament
- 20 € vouchers were won by the pairs from the 2nd to 4th place in the pair go Tournament

All players with 4 wins won EYGC2022 designed T-shirts.

Vouchers sponsored by Yoon Young-sun and her Awesome baduk online school as consolation prizes.
It was an excellent idea of Yoon Young-sun that not only the best players should be rewarded, but that there should be also some gifts for unsuccessful players in order to support them in their determination to learn more go. Therefore, the following prizes were also awarded from awesomebaduk online school
Someone managed to make Lukasz laugh on a picture!

U12 category:
- Basic Tier for 2 months (20 €) for the lowest DDK in a final standing - Tymur Jeromin from Ukraine
- Basic Tier for 2 months (20 €) for the lowest player in a final standing from Top 16 group - Eduard-Gabriel Grosu from Romania

U16 category:
- Basic Tier for 2 months (20 €) for the lowest DDK in a final standing - Stefania Lostun from Romania
- Basic Tier for 2 months (20 €) for the lowest SDK in a final standing - Oleksandra Vlasenko from Ukraine
- Awesome Tier for 2 months (100 €) for the lowest player in a final standing from Top 16 group - Roko Crvelin from Croatia

U20 category
- Basic Tier for 2 months (20 €) for the lowest DDK in a final standing - Stefana Macovie from Romania
- Basic Tier for 2 months (20 €) for the lowest SDK in a final standing - Stefan-Antonio Chelariu from Romania
- Awesome Tier for 2 months (100 €) for the lowest player in a final standing from Top 16 group - Edmund Smith from United Kingdom
analysing with AI sensei

As for pair go tournament, besides the prizes already mentioned above, the top three pairs won cups for winners and diplomas for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. All other players participating in the pair go were given Diplomas for Participation as souvenirs. In addition, all the players in the pair go got to choose between a mug or a bottle, each designed especially for the pair go tournament. As if this wasn't enough, the top 4 pairs also got T-shirts with a special EYGC design.

An impression of the organisation team:
the main organisers

First of all we are really happy that we managed to organize this championship even in the current world situation under very good conditions for all participants. Secondally, would like to thank our sponsors who supported the event, and also our organization team of czech go players without whom it would be not possible. Last, but not least, we are grateful to all the participants who came to play despite the unfavorable geopolitical situation.

The go community had the opportunity to show that we are strong together, able to help each other, and create a safe place for everyone. We think that these values have been shown throughout this championship, and we do believe that this event will be remembered for a long time!

A special thanks should go to those providing all the pictures for this article Jaromír Šír and Jaroslav Kotowski.
More picture of the EYGC can be found here.

Also announced was that the winner of the U20 category will qualify for the 2022 Globis Cup and the top 6 players in each category will qualify for the online WYGC tournament about which details will be announced later.

Arved Pittner, qualified for the Globis Cup 2022

Lukasz analysing a game during the EYGC

Andrii was also busy with analysing games during the EYGC
EYGC 2020 in Prague

This article was written by Antonius Claasen

Born 31th of January 1962, in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands
started playing go 1979
Promotion to 1 Dan in 1981, after the Go Congress in Linz.
Promotion to 4 Dan in 1985 After the Go Congress in Terschelling.
Eurpean Champion 13X13 in 1984
European Team Champion in 1985, together with Frank Janssen and Joost Cremers.
I have 5 children and live at the moment in Hamburg Germany.

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