Two new completed translations for the Multilingual Go Book project (plus 100 free printed copies)
By H. Kapolos | News | 07.11.2023 9:40| Views: 3421
2023 has been a good year for the Multilingual Go book project. In the previous month the Romanian language was fully translated and it is available to download from the project's website. Full credit for this version goes to Mr. George Stihi who did both the translation and the typesetting. His hard work and attention to detail paid off and with the help of his colleague, academician Gheorghe Păun, who did the final proof-reading, the Romanian version was completed successfully.
The Romanian book's whole cover
 The Romanian book's whole cover 

To balance my miniscule contribution out, I arranged for 100 printed copies to be produced and sent to Mr. Stihi in Romania to manage the books and either distribute them for free or use them as tournament prizes. 
The printed copies of the book
Mr. Stihi's nephew with the printed copies of the book 

Mr. Stihi, together with his friend mr. Liviu Oprişan has a lot of nice plans for the book itself and the promotion of Go in Romania in general. As an example, a "Go at the library" initiative – free lessons held every Wednesday for children from 7 up to 12 years.
Go at the library
Go at the library

A lot of copies have already been listed as tournament prizes for the National Team Championship and National Individual Championship, and also for the Romanian Cup under 20. Others have been already distributed to very active clubs from Bucharest – "GoGoblins" club - 20 books, Timisoara - "Club Sportiv de Go Walter Schmidt" - 7 books, or will be to "Palatul Copiilor GO club" Bistriţa, "Clubul Sportiv Atari: Brăila, "Clubul Sportiv de GO MEIJIN"Piteşti, "Clubul Sportiv De Go Sakata" Cluj-Napoca. With things going so well we are already thinking about printing and sending more copies should the need arise.
Learning Go
Studying and learning Go

Mr. Stihi teaching Go to children
Mr. Stihi while teaching Go to children.

For the second language, it is the turn of the Russian version to be completed and uploaded. That upload has not happened yet since we are missing the final proof-reading feedback for chapter 7, but that will be completed very soon. The translation begun in 2019 by Dmitriy Bovichev. His perseverance and drive through all those years have led to the successful completion of this translation. During all those years Mr. Bovichev helped by providing translations chapter by chapter and we played quite a few games in DGS, so this part of the project didn’t just produce a completed version, but some good times and good games for both of us.
The Russian front cover
 The Russian book's cover.

I hope that both new versions of the book will be useful and enjoyed by beginner Go players.

Last, but not least, there is a lot of progress being made on the Dutch version, which might soon be completed, though by my estimation the whole process of translation, proof-reading and typesetting will be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

Closing this article I want to say that I really cannot thank enough all those people who are helping out with the translations of the book. I am forever grateful to them.

For the Multilingual Go Book Project,
Haris Kapolos
Two new completed translations for the Multilingual Go Book project (plus 100 free printed copies)
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