3rd World Student Oza

26th-27th February 2005

Sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc

In February 2005 the Nikkei Newspaper sponsored the third World Student Oza in Tokyo. The match was held at the Nihon Kiin Headquarters in Ichigaya. 16 students were invited to take part, both male and female. As well as Asian countries, Europe got to send three players and North and South American one player each. As expected again the Chinese players dominated the event, but Korea got second this time.

Final Placings

Pl Name CountryR1R2R3R4Wins
1 Wen JieChina+14+7+6+34
2 On Seung-HoonKorea+4+8-3+63
3 Hu Yu Qing China+13+10+2-13
3 Ye Chang China-2+11+8+93
5 Chang Yaun-Jung Chinese Taipei+12-6+7+103
6 Lin Shih-Wei Chinese Taipei+15+5-1-22
7 Bejamin Teuber Germany+9-1-5+132
8 Do Eun-KyoKorea+11-2-4+122
9 Mykhalo Halchenko Ukraine-7+14+12-42
10 Kozue Takakura Japan+16-3+13-52
11 Yasunori TanakaJapan-8-4+16+152
12 Tomoaki YoshinaraiJapan-5+15-9-81
13 Yuan ZhouUSA-3+16-10-71
14 Flavio Noboru HaraBrazil-1-9-15+161
15 Natalia KovalevaRussia-6-12+14-11 1
16 Prachak Buddee Thailand-10-13-11-14 0


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1st Round 1
1st Round 2
1st Round 3
2nd Round
3rd round 1
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3rd round 3
4th Round 1
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