23rd International Amateur Pair Go Championship

3rd - 4th November 2012, Tokyo

The IAPGC was held in early November in its usual Tokyo location, the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont.

Winners of the event were the Korean pair of Jang Yun-Jeong, 6d and a student, and Lee Ho-Seung, 7d and a Go instructor. Lee was also the winner in 2011. They beat one of the Japanese pairs, the Hiraokas, in the final. Japanese pairs also took the next five places, with Chinese Taipei in 8th.

10 European teams took part, including one pair selected at the European Pair Go Championship. Best of these were the Russians, Natalia Kovaleva and Dmitriy Surin, in 10th. The European Championship place getters, Klara Zaloudkova and Jan Hora, topped the group on 2 wins.

USA and Thailand teams also won three wins as did several more Japanese pairs. Unfortunately the Chinese pair could not take part.