26th International Amateur Pair Go Championship

5th - 6th December 2015, Tokyo

The 26th edition of the IAPGC was held in early December in its usual Tokyo location, the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont.

Winners of the event were the Korean pair of Jeon Yujin and Song Hongsuk. They beat one of the Japanese pairs from Kanto Koshinetsu in the final. Second to fifth were all Japanese pairs on four wins. China took sixth place, also on four wins.

Both the European Championship Pair (Rita Pocsai and Pal Balogh) and the Russian pair (Natalia Kovaleva and Dmitry Surin) won three games to take 8th and 14th place respectively.

The USA also won three.

Other European pairs were from France, Finland, Czechia, Netherlands, Turkey, Croatia and Belarus.

For the first time one of the Japanese pairs qualified via a tournament held on Pandanet.


World Students

The second World Students Pair Go Championship was held at the same time and was opened up to non-Asian teams for the first time.

Winners were Lew Seunghee and Choi Inhyeok from Korea.The second place was the other Korean pair, with a Chinese Pair third and Japan fourth and fifth.

For Europe, Julia Seres and Peter Marko from Hungary won two games out of four. Joanne Leung (UK) playing with Alexander Vashurov (Russia) won one game.