6th Silk Road
International City Weiqi Invitation Tournament

1st  to 3rd  November 2019

Hotel Austria
Hosted by: Chinese Weiqi Association, European Go Federation
Co-organizer: Austrian Go Federation, Xi‘an City Weiqi Federation, Xi'an Qiyuan, Ge Yuhong Go Academy
Support Advisory: Tsinghua Weiqi Foundation
Place: Hotel Austria bei Wien

10 European teams à 3 players are invited to participate at the 6th Silk Road Tournament.

The goal regarding the number of players are 23 teams, 10 from Europe, 10 from China, and Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Participation fee: free for EGF-nominated players.

Prizes (for individual players):
1st place 60.000 RMB
2nd place 30.000 RMB
3rd place 15.000 RMB
4th place 8.000 RMB
5th place 5.000 RMB
6th place 3.000 RMB
7-8th place 2.000 RMB
9-10th place 1.500 RMB
Additional non-monetary awards for top 6 teams.

Possible in the hotel, but maybe cheaper in Vienna where you have a lot of options. The hotel rooms are the preferred accomodation for the Chinese players, their families and the teamleaders/officials.

Meals: The hotel is led by a Chinese guy. He will offer Chinese buffet, planned fee per person between 10 and 12 Euro.

Travelling: Public transport from the station Wien Hütteldorf (normal railway, metro) by bus #451 about 30 minutes.“  Google Maps

Tournament rules: 8 rounds Swiss tournament, Chinese rules, Fischer-time, 40 minutes basic, 17 seconds additional per move. Nigiri in all games (winner decides about colour)
(The criteria for team placement is the added placements of all three members.)

Friday 1st November
09:30   Opening
10:00   Round 1
13:30   Round 2
16:30   Round 3
Saturday 2nd November
09:30   Round 4
13:15   Round 5
16:30   Round 6
Sunday  3rd November
09:00  Round 7
12:45  Round 8
16:15  Prize-ceremony

Contact: [email protected]
+46 247 22406 or mobile +49 170 4966056

For questions about Vienna: Viktor Lin [email protected]
Broadcasting on KGS (Kisedo Go Server), at least 2 boards, Userids EGF1, EGF2, ...
Also probably on the twitch-channel EuropeanGoFederation

The following players / teams confirmed their participation (status 19th October):

Russia --- Ilya Shikshin 3p, Alexandre Dinerchtein 3p, Timur Sankin 6d, Anton  Chernykh 6d
Germany --- Jonas Welticke 6d, Lukas Kraemer 6d, Martin Ruzicka 4d
Ukraine --- Artem Kachanovskyi 2p, Dmytro Bogatskyy 6d, Bohdan Zhurakovskyi 6d, Valerii Krushelnytskyi 5d
Czechia --- Lukas Podpera 7d,  Jan Prokop 6d, Ondrej Kruml 5d, Petr Kouba 4d 
Hungary --- Dominik Boviz 6d, Csaba Mero 6d, Peter Marko 5d
Israel --- Ali Jabarin 2p, Amir Fragman 5d, Tal Michaeli 4d
Austria --- Viktor Lin 6d, Schayan Hamrah 5d, Lothar Spiegel 5d
Thailand --- Pongmate Virojtham 4d, Warot Tanpisuth 4d, Weerin Tanpisuth 2d
Romania --- Cornel Burzo 7d, Dragos Bajenaru 6d, Elian Grigoriu 5d
China (Team Tsinghua) --  Gao Hu 5d, Liu Zhongwei 4d, You Xiaochuan 4d
China (Team Bao Ji) -- Zhang Jiaping, Yang Huiqiang, Ren Bingxin
China (Team Xian #1) -- Wang Tianyi, Li Jiaqi, Yang Zhou
China (Team Xian #2) -- Hu Lu, Liu Mingyuan, Zhang Yinsong
China (Team Dun Huang) -- Wei Wensheng, Zhang Cunfu, Chun Zhiming
China (Team Lan Zhou) -- Jiang Lifeng, Niu Yuanhong, Song Qun
China (Team Xin Jiang) -- Ye Xiaoyun, Ge Yuhong 5d
France --- Tanguy LeCalvé 1p, Antoine Fenech 4d
Poland --- Mateusz Surma 2p, Stanislaw Frejlak 7d
Serbia --- Nikola Mitic 7d
Slovakia --- Pavol Lisy 2p
Spain --- Oscar Vazquez 5d
Italy -- Matias Pankoke 5d
Malaysia --- Chang Xin
Switzerland -- Flavien Aubelle 2d
Provisional list regarding the teams, each team with 3 players:

Complete teams -- all players with same citizenship:
Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Czechia, Hungary, Israel, Austria, Romania, Thailand, 6 teams from China = 15

Mixed teams:
France / Italy: Tanguy LeCalvé 1p, Antoine Fenech 4d / Matias Pankoke 5d
Non EU: Nikola Mitic 7d (Serbia),  Anton  Chernykh 6d (Russia), Dmytro Bogatskyy 6d (Ukraine)
European Union: Pavol Lisy 2p (Slovakia), Jan Prokop 6d (Czechia), Oscar Vazquez 5d (Spain)
China (team Xin Jiang) / Malaysia: Ye Xiaoyun (China), Ge Yuhong 5d (China), Chang Xin (Malaysia)
Poland / Switzerland: Mateusz Surma 2p (Poland), Stanislaw Frejlak 7d (Poland), Flavien Aubelle 2d (Switzerland)

All over maximum 20 teams.