NAGF Team Wins Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship
By Artem Kachanovskyi | European Pros | 18.10.2023 11:54| Views: 3945
Perhaps many European go fans remember the 2019 Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship, which was held online in a so-called "win-and-continue" or "arena" mode. That time, the European team won with a score of 5-3, see this article for more details.

The next edition of this exciting event was once again held online this September and October. The system has changed: the EGF and the NAGF (North American Go Federation) teams nominated three players for each of the three rounds. The INAF (Iwamoto North America Foundation) generously sponsored the event, providing $5,000 for the winning team and $1,000 for the runners-up; there were also smaller individual fees for participating and winning individual games.

The NAGF team won the first two rounds on September 16th and 30th with scores of 3-0, but our team managed to come back in the last round on October 7th and win with a score of 2-1. Thus, in total, the NAGF team won the Championship this time with a score of 2-1 – congratulations! On the 2023 Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship web page you can find complete results, game records and all the other information.

The games were commented live by the members of both teams on the EGF Twitch channel and attracted hundreds of viewers. If you missed it, you can still find the videos there.

This was an exciting event and I hope that in the future we will see more tournaments like it! Many thanks to everyone involved in the organization, the players and, of course, the fans cheering for their team.

Below you can see a record of the game in which I managed to beat Ryan Li 4p in the third round. It was an intense battle with a turning point at move 95 – a tesuji I am quite proud of! I will explain it in detail in the combined September & October edition of the European Go Journal, which will be published in the first half of November. Subscribe on Patreon to receive the future issues of our magazine automatically.

NAGF Team Wins Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship

This article was written by Artem Kachanovskyi

EGF professional Go player.
Born 12th December 1992.
Started to play Go in 1999.
Promoted to 1p in 2016, 2p in 2018, 3p in 2024.
Living in Ukraine, Kyiv.
All his articles on the EGF website.

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