European Championship 2018

32 players compete in a double knockout to become the european champion.
The championship is played over eight rounds: The first round starts on Sunday 29th July, the final is on the next Sunday 5th August, together with the match for 3rd and 4th place.
The first 7 players will win points for the European Grand Prix.


EGC 2018 • Pisa

Date : Sunday to Sunday, July 29th - August 5th, 2018
Place : Congress Palace, Via Giacomo Matteotti, 1, Pisa, Italy: webpage, map
Sponsors: EGF, CEGO.
Congress Webpage : European Go Congress 2018.
EGD: 12013342
1st place: Pavol Lisy
2nd place: Ilya Shikshin
3rd place: Ali Jabarin
4th place: Mateusz Surma

Pairings / Results


EC 2018 (Last 8)

EC 2018 (Until quarters)


A minimum of two boards will be transmitted on KGS.

Time Table

Sunday, 29th July: 11:00 Round 1
Monday, 30th July: 10:00 Round 2
Tuesday, 31st July: 10:00 Round 3
Wendesday, 1st August: 10:00 Round 4
Thursday, 2nd August: 10:00 Round 5
Friday, 3rd August: 10:00 Quarter Final
Saturday, 4th August: 10:00 Semi Final
Sunday, 5th August: 10:00 Final and Small Final

Time settings: Fischer Time, 90 minutes basic with 45 seconds additional time
Round management: Round 4 results are not counted as games played in the main tournament.
The 4 players who do not play in round 5 (3 wins first 3 rounds) have to play in the main tournament on Thursday. There will be forced pairings so that they don't play each other.

Prize Money

1st Place: 4000 €
2nd Place: 2500 €
3rd Place: 1500 €
4th Place: 1000 €
5th-8th Place: 500 €

Sponsored by the European Go Federation and the European Go Congress

Participating Players

The wild-card of the organizing country was awarded to Matias Pankoke
Sinan Djepov got a wild-card for winning this year's European Youth Championship.


In the Rules of the European Go Championship you can find the setup of the european championship with more details about the selection criteria.

Referee: Viktor Bogdanov


EGC Pisa 2018 thanks to Misha Krylov