European Youth Team

Name Askar Khusainov
Age 12
Rank 3d
Nationality  Russia
My name is Askar I am 12 years old.
I started playing GO at the age of 5 and continue to develop in it.

My best achievements:
2nd place in the U12 European Championship 2020
Three-time champion of Russia under 9 years (two times) under 12 (1 time)
I dream of becoming a professional

Name Alper Sulak
Age 8
Rank 1d
Nationality  Turkey
I was born in 2013. I learned to play Go at the age of 4. I am a student in the CEGO Academic Program.

Name Tymoteusz Barcicki
Age 11
Rank 3k
Nationality  Poland
I'm a 5th grade student from Poland.
I like solving puzzles and Rubik's cube.
I love Minecraft and Go.
Name Mariia Chernova
Age 11
Rank 4k
Nationality  Ukraine
Hi, I'm Mariia from Ukraine.
I'm 11 years old. I study at the International Relations Lyceum, Kyiv.
I started to play Go in 2017.
I like traveling, horse riding and, of course, playing Go.

Name Lea Wong
Age 11
Rank 4k
Nationality  Great Britain
I am a 12 years old UK Go player and I have been playing Go since I was 7 years old. I first discovered Go at a Book Fair and was immediately drawn to it. Go is such a fascinating strategic game from 3,000 years ago with more variations than any other board games. Each match is as unique as can be!

Name Bende Barcza
Age 7
Rank 7k
Nationality  Hungary
My friendship with go has started less than a year ago in a board game club, but it quickly became a major part of my life. I play a quick game before going to school in the morning, games in the afternoon and finish my day with tsumego problems in bed. I cross my fingers to get a “go camp” as a present for my birthday :)

Currently, I am the strongest player in Hungary in U12 category, achieved 3rd and 4th place at Seygo tournaments in U12 this year.

My life beyond go is also about fencing, playing various board games, chess, and draughts.