Bonus Point Tournaments 2019

The Bonus Point tournaments are a series of tournaments where strong amateurs and professionals with a European passport can win points to qualify for the Grand Slam and Grand Prix Finale tournaments! We plan to have in a Grand Prix Year up to 10 Bonus C tournaments, 4 to 6 Bonus B, 2 to 3 Bonus A and finally up to 4 Grand Slam tournaments each year. The European Go Congress qualifies as a Bonus A tournament.

You can read more about the distribution of bonus points at the distribution page.

The standings of the players with the bonus points you can find at the standings page.

Location Dates Type
Vatra Dornei (Romania) 9th - 10th February C
Jena (Germany) 9th - 10th March C
Kedros Cup Bratislava (Slovakia) 16th - 17th March C
Niš Open Go Tournament (Serbia) 30th - 31th March C
Paris (France) 20th - 22nd April B
Berlin (Germany) 25th - 28th April Grand Slam
Amsterdam (Netherlands) 30th May - 2nd June B
Go Cup Hochhaus Herrengasse | Wien 2019 (Austria) 22nd - 23rd June C
Pardubice, Czech Open 2019 (Czech Republic) 12th - 14th July C
European Championship, Brussels (Belgium) 21th - 28th July A
Dublin (Ireland) 28th - 29th September C
Bordeaux (France) 12th - 13th October C
Mannheim (Germany) 26th - 27th October C
Budapest (Hungary) 16th - 17th November C
London (United Kingdom) 28th - 31st December C
Leksand (Sweden) 16th - 19th January GP Finale