Expanding New Horizons on EGF Twitch
By Xiaocheng-Stephen Hu | News | 14.05.2019 17:13 | Views: 4490 | Comments: 4
Greetings everyone! Today, we are excited to make a few announcements on the official EGF Twitch channel. As you may have seen or heard before, we have been producing live game commentaries from major European Go events since October 2018. Today, as we reach 5 million views and 5.8k followers, we look forward to continue developing the channel as a rising hub for top-quality Go content.

Upcoming broadcasts in 2019

Perhaps you have already seen a lot of top-level action from previous tournaments, such as the 2019 European Grand Slam Yike Cup. If you missed it, don’t worry - we have uploaded all commentaries to the official EGF YouTube channel! Earlier VODs will be uploaded later; in any case, there are plenty of valuable lessons to learn from the commentaries - available for free, viewable at any time.

The 2019 European Professional Qualification is around the corner! This year, we will be streaming remotely from Berlin, Germany with featured commentators Ali Jabarin 2p (Israel) and Lukas Kraemer 6d (Germany). As usual, this event will be featured on the Twitch front page; you may check the link above for schedules and pairings.

 In addition, we have two more events left before August - the 2019 Hamburg Kido Cup (top 8) and the 2019 European Championship (schedule TBA). Don’t miss out on these matches as we will be trying our best to bring you live commentaries from the top boards!

Launching our new schedule (in June 2019) with authorized streamers

While we do hope that you have enjoyed the tournament coverage, it is our hope to provide a better variety of content for everyone. That’s why we have decided to open up the EGF Twitch channel to fellow European creators; this will be a new, exciting chapter in our development, and we cordially invite everyone to join our efforts!

Our goal:
  • To provide more regular Go content on the EGF Twitch
  • To become a verified Twitch Partner, which will enable Bits, Subscriptions and more
  • To offer a platform for authorized streamers to grow their own popularity
  • To raise funds for future EGF broadcasting projects

To become an authorized streamer on EGF Twitch, you must have:
  • Residence in a member country of the EGF
  • A stable, wired (LAN/cable) Internet connection with at least 1.8 Mbps of upload speed
  • Some experience in Go content production (e.g. Twitch, YouTube)
  • Ability to speak English when responding to Twitch chat questions/comments in English
  • Ability to stream in at least 720P quality

Important things to know:
  • Please acknowledge that all revenues from Twitch ads, bits, subscriptions and one-time/recurring donations will go towards EGF broadcasting funding. However, you can promote your own website/channel while streaming, as long as we approve of the links you plan to post.
  • Your streams on EGF Twitch are exclusive - you may not rebroadcast to any other Twitch channel or platform (including YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.) In other words, your EGF content must be only streamed on our channel, but this is a great opportunity to promote yourself and possibly pick up more fans! Of course, you may still keep the vast majority of your personal streaming schedule; it’s up to you to decide how much you want to stream - even once every month can be tremendous!
  • You are allowed to stream in your own native language! However, for universal accessibility, English must be either the primary or secondary streaming language.

You must also follow the following Code of Conduct:
  • No excessive cursing/swearing, insults of malicious intent or other derogatory behavior towards any player/entity.
  • No inappropriate conduct that would be considered unfit for a Twitch stream.
  • Alcohol only allowed if you are of legal age in your country, and if you are not overly inebriated on stream.
  • Your channel content must be related to Go! Do not stream or promote anything that is off-topic.
  • All streams must follow the EGF Twitch minimal requirements.
  • You must include a logo of the EGF in the bottom right corner of your stream overlay. You may download the logo here.
  • You must notify in advance xstephenhu98 (at) gmail (dot) com or fulgurogo (at) gmail (dot) com in the event of an emergency, which might lead to the cancellation of a particular streaming session.
  • You must NOT give any unauthorized advertisements (e.g. product placements) not related to your personal branding.
  • Failure to comply with the EGF Code of Conduct will lead to permanent removal from the EGF Twitch schedule and revocation of your authorized status.
  • The administrators of EGF Twitch reserve the right to make reasonable changes to this Code of Conduct, while informing all authorized streamers in advance before effective date of the revisions.

You may apply as an authorized streamer starting from today! We look forward to reviewing your applications and welcoming you on board!

Last but not least…

Each broadcast takes many hours of labor by our hard-working hosts, commentators, producers, graphic designers, and support staff. While we would like to keep bringing you the best quality content, we kindly ask you to make a donation to EGF broadcasting. Even a small donation would be sincerely appreciated!

In addition, we are always looking for chat mods (who help maintain the chat rooms in order) and folks who spread the word on social media. We are blessed with wonderful support from our Go community, and we hope that you’ll be interested in contributing as well!

For any broadcasting-related inquiries, please contact us at broadcasting (at) eurogofed (dot) org.
For any broadcasting-related inquiries, please contact us at broadcasting (at) eurogofed (dot) org.

If you are interested to join please register with this application form!

Expanding New Horizons on EGF Twitch
Daniel Jones
14.05.2019 20:06
This is all tremendously exciting. And i hope to help in any way i can with this going forward, as a mod, as a writer, and indeed in any other capasity that i am able to undertake. This is exactly the sort of thing that the EGF needs to really give Go the infrastructure it needs in order to grow as both a form of sport entertainment, and indeed as a community.

I'm very excited to see how all of this works out!
Xiaocheng (Stephen) Hu
15.05.2019 0:00
Thanks Daniel - we certainly will keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best :)

BTW, if you are interested in broadcasting but have never done the full setup before, we will be very happy to help you with that as well!
Daniel Jones
15.05.2019 15:05
@Xiaocheng (Stephen) Hu, one day i think i would lile to stream Go, but for now its not an option for me with the lack of equipment of a good enough standard, and indeed because of life things going on as well.

Though streaming go is indeed on my lost of things to do. Though... my prior experiences in volunteering in organisations are all very much behind the scenes. Id love to get more involved in planning and stuff like that. Im an ideas man... its what i do best.
Xiaocheng (Stephen) Hu
15.05.2019 15:08
@Daniel Jones - sure :) Just let me know if you need any help. We certainly would appreciate yours; our project really thrives on passionate people who are striving to make a difference in the community!

The same offer extends to anyone else who is reading this and would like to launch their Twitch channel :D
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