Highlights of five games between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol - By Zhao BaoLong 2p
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Highlights of five games between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol - By Zhao BaoLong 2p
Probably every aspect and every detail about AlphaGo and Lee Sedol have been covered since the incredible matches. Yet, many questions are left to be answered inside and outside of the go board. Here, we have the pleasure of hearing the insight of an active professional player, Zhao BaoLong 2p after he studied these games:
  1. AlphaGo is superior to human in the whole board thinking. That is to say, when judgement is involved, the computer preforms better.
  2. Seen from these 5 games, human can compete with the computer in calculation.
  3. The computer does not choose the “best” moves, but the “safest” moves. When it is leading, it is unlikely for human to turn the game around.
  4. The computer tries moves that are unthinkable for human when it is behind.
  5. It seems there is still flaw in AlphaGo, the question is: can we find it?
As a professional player, this new development did not only largely promoted Go in the world but also brought a new era of Go. With the inspiration of computer, many of the concepts with which we are familiar will probably be changed completely. This of course enables us to be free of our limitations by these concepts. 

Zhao BaoLong 2p is very kind to share his study with us, more detailed comments of these five games can be found in the sgf files below.
31.03.2016 19:24
Thank you for the overview and the comments, they are great! Game 5 it doesn't have any comments, it's just the game record...
01.04.2016 11:15
Dear Lucian,
Thanks for pointing out the mistake. The game 5 has been replaced with the correct version.
01.04.2016 19:55
Move 31, Game 3.
Would very much like to see an in-depth PRO analysis of B31 vs a move to the left side, making the W move not possible - very different game then... the question is *why* did Sedol play 31 if he did not intend to sacrifice the three stones that cost him so much??
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