Ali Jabarin

Name Ali Jabarin
Nationality Israel Israel
Date of birth 25.11.1993
Promotion history 2014 – 1p, 2018 – 2p
  • 2009 - European Youth U18 champion
  • 2014 - 2016 - Limin Cup world youth championship (2014-2016)
  • 2015 - European Championship runner up
  • 2016 - European Championship runner up, Samsung Cup top 32, Grand Slam champion 
  • 2018 - European Championship 3rd place, European Grand Prix Champion
  • 2020 - European Championship runner up
  • 2021 - European Championship 3rd place
Personal message

       Started playing go in 2006(12 years old), after being introduced by a friend who watched Hikaru no Go.
       I played obsessively for approximately a year and then started participating in tournaments, where I fell in love with the game and the community.
       I was just playing and studying by myself until I finished high school, and then I went to study Go in Asia, first in Korea(6 months) before starting university, and then in China (3 times 6 months) after turning pro.
       I prefer a peaceful style of go, trying to choke the opponent out of territory and drawing out overplays.
       My favorite players are Kim Jiseok, Chen Yaoye and Shi Yue.
       Other than Go I help manage a local theater in my hometown Jaffa, continue to study computer science, and travel to China frequently. My main hobbies are games, reading and travelling.

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