Other Pros in Europe

Several times in the past strong European players have been able to live in the Orient and qualify as professionals under the system in one of the oriental countries. Other players have moved from the Orient to Europe after gaining professional status.

Current Europeans with Pro Status

  • Catalin Taranu (RO, 5p Nihon Ki-in, Japan)
  • Alexandr Dinerchtein (RU, 3p Korea) breakfast.go4go.net
  • Svetlana Shikshina (RU, 3p Korea)
  • Diana Koszegi (HU, 1p Korea)
  • Mariya Zakharchenko (UA, 1p Korea)
  • Antti Törmänen (FI, 1p Nihon Ki-in, Japan)

Pro Status Players now European

  • Guo Juan (NL, 5p China) internetgoschool.com
  • Fan Hui (FR, 2p China)
  • Li Ting (AT, 1p Kansai Ki-in, Japan)

Other Pros living in Europe

Deceased Europeans with Pro Status