The 37th European Go Congress

24.07.1993-07.08.1993, Prague, Czechia

The Go Congress was held in Prague with over 500 players. Winner was Rob van Zeijst from the Netherlands with 10/10. On 8 wins were Kai Naoyuki (Japan), Guo Juan (Netherlands) and Alexei Lazarev (Russia). Fifth was Zhao Pei (China). Sixth were Laurent Heiser (Luxemburg) and Catalin Taranu (Romania), 8th was Matthew Macfadyen (UK) and 9th equal were Shen Gruang-Ji (China) and Vladimir Danek (Czechia).
The 384 player Weekend Tournament was won by Shen. Second was Franz-Josef Dickhut (Germany) and third was Ruslan Saifullin (Russia).
There were several Chinese and Japanese pros teaching; Mr Saijo (8 dan) was noted for his energy and enthusiasm.


Main Tournament

Weekend Tournament

Pair Go

40 pairs played a five round event on 04.08.1993.

  1. Guo Juan and Rob van Zeijst
  2. Zhao Pei and Shen Gruangji
  3. Gergia Lucia and Deaconu Lucian

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