The 38th European Go Congress

22.07.1994-05.08.1994, Maastricht, Netherlands

The Congress was held in the ancient city of Maastricht with 482 players. Winner was the Chinese former pro now living in the Netherlands, Ms Guo Juan with 9/10. As a reward she went on to represent Europe in the Dong-Yang Securities Cup in Korea. Second was Shen Gruang-ji (6 dan China) and third was Manfred Winner (6 dan Austria).
The Weekend Tournament was also won by Guo.


Main Tournament
Weekend Tournament

Pair Go

36 pairs played an event split into two groups.

  1. Guo Juan and Matti Groot
  2. Daniela Trinks and Guido Tautorat
  3. Britta Trepczik and Karsten Ziegler
  4. Lucy van Es and Martin van Es

Kyu Group

  1. Annamarie Hovingh and Niek van Diepen
  2. Ana-Maria Szilagyi and Sorin Adrian Sora

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