The 41st European Go Congress

19.07.1997-02.08.1997, Marseille, France

Some 539 different names appeared on the entry list for the main event at the 41st European Go Congress held in Marseille France. The venue was a campus near the sea and surrounded by woods that often caught fire due to the dry conditions.
European Open Champion was Lee Hyuk, the Korean living in Moscow. Other places were 2 Miyakawa, 3 Guo Juan (European Champion), 4 Pei Zhao, 5 Kai, 6 Fujita, 7 Danek, 8 Gherman, 9 Soldan, 10 van Eeden.
The places in the weekend event were 1 Guo, 2 Lee Hyuk. 373 took part.


Main Tournament
Weekend Tournament

Pair Go

  1. Guo Juan and Lee Hyuk
  2. Friren and Besson
  3. Hollman and Hollman

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