The 47th European Go Congress

19.07.2003-02.08.2003, Saint Petersburg, Russia

This has held at the university campus at Peterhof. A group of strong visiting Koreans dominated and of course Russian players also featured among the winners.
European Championship: Open Champion with 9/10 was Hong Seul Ki (7 dan Korea) who only lost to another Korean. Second equal were Jang Bi and Park Sung Kyun and 4th was Li Ki Bong, all from Korea and on 8/10. Fifth and European Champion was Russian professional Alex Dinerstein. Just behind by 1 SOS point was Russian Alexei Lazarev (6 dan). Placed 9th and 10th were two 5 dans, Romania's Colnel Burzo and Russia's Mikhail Galchenko. 310 took part.
The Weekend Tournament was won by Alex Dinerstein with 5/5. The top group on 4/5 were Frank Janssen (6 dan NL), Ohmori Hirobumi (5 dan Japan), Lee Hyuk (7 dan Korea), Andrey Kulkov (6 dan Russia) and Dina Burdakova (4 dan Russia). 161 players.
Other competitions held were 9x9, 13x13, Lightning, Ladies, Under-18, Pairs, Rengo and Team.


Main Tournament
Weekend Tournament

Pair Go

17 pairs took part.

  1. Kang Na-Yeon and Park Sung-Kyun
  2. Geraldine Paget and Cornel Burzo
  3. Ilsia Samakaeva and Andrey Sovetkin

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