The 48th European Go Congress

20.07.2004-03.08.2004, Tuchola, Poland

The 48th European Go Congress was held in Tuchola in Poland. A huge number of players registered and 551 played in the main event. Early leaders on 3 wins were all 7 dans: Alexandr Dinerchtein (Russia), Lee Ki Bong (Korea), Catalin Taranu (Romania) and Lee Hong Bok (Korea). Lee Hong Bok ended the first week unbeaten, with Taranu, Dinerchtein and others were one win behind. Young Kwang Sun from Korea had lost his first game to Dinerchtein but went on to win his other 9 to take first place and the Open Champion's title. Alex Dinerchtein's only loss proved to be that against 4th placed Lee Hong Bok, and so Alex took second by 1 sos point and became European Champion again. Topping the group on 7 was Catalin Taranu. 5th was another Romanian, Christian Pop, 6th was Li Ki Bong and 7th was Bernd Radmacher (4 dan Germany) with 7/8.
The congress was attended by more than a dozen pros, and each round a top game was broadcast to a commentary room and on the Internet.
There was also a 310-strong rapid play played in the afternoons. Youn Kwang Sun (6 dan) from Korea was in the lead on 5 at the end of the first week and remained ahead to win with 8/9. Lee Jungae (Korea) and Ilia Chikchine (Russia) took second and third with 6/9.
The Weekend Tournament featured only 347 players as many took the time off to go see the sights or enjoy the sunshine (on the Saturday). Unbeaten winner was Lee Hong Bok (Korea). Second was Alexandr Dinerchtein (Russia) on 5 wins, while topping the group on 4 wins were young Russians Ilia Chikchine and his professional sister Svetlana Shikshina.


Main Tournament
Weekend Tournament
Rapid Tournament

Pair Go

40 pairs took part in a 5 round Pair Go tournament.

  1. Alexandra Urban and Piotr Wisthal
  2. Helene Alby and Lionel Fischer
  3. Lara Skuppin and Christoph Gerlach

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