The 49th European Go Congress

23.07.2005-07.08.2005, Prague, Czechia

The 49th European Go Congress has finished in Prague in the Czech Republic. Over 700 players played in the main tournament. Games were broadcast on IGS and KGS. At the end of the first week Alexandr Dinerstein from Russia beat the other top European pro, Catalin Taranu from Romania, to take an early lead. However a lot of very strong Koreans were snapping at his heels. Alexandr hung on despite two losses to become the European Champion again with 8/10. Second on SOS tie-break was Cho Seok-Bin. Third with 9/10 (starting below the supergroup) was Park Jong-Wook. Catalin Taranu and Ilja Shikshin also finished in the top 10, with 7 wins each.
Ondrej Silt, from Czechia, took an early lead in the daily Rapidplay event. However he started losing to the likes of Park and Cho who ended at the top of the list with lots of other Koreans.
At the weekend the top Europeans played in the European Masters, so the Koreas dominated the Weekend Tournament. First was Kim Jong-Min with 5/5. Next came Lee Ki-Bong, wheelchair-bound Lim Yeon-Sik and Park Jong-Wook on 4 wins. Fifth was Kim Dong-Chan and sixth was Ilja Shikshin from Russia. There were 373 players.

There was a Pair Go Tournament held on 03.08.2005 won by Kim Se-Young and Kim Dong-Chan from Korea.
Second was Klara Zaloudkova and Zbynek Dach from Czechia and third Kim Tae-Hyun and Park Jong-Uk from Korea.

The Children's Tournament was won by Kim Min-Jae, 2k from Korea.
Second was Lukas Podpera, 9k from Czechia. Third was Nikolay Kryukov, 12k Russia, fourth was Mateusz Surma, 3k Poland, and fourth was Lee Su-Kyung, 8k Korea.

A Ladies' Tournament was won by Liliana Iacole, 5k Romania. Second was Kim Se-Young, 7d Korea, and third was Arnoldia Frank, 2k Netherlands.


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