The 50th European Go Congress

29.07.2006-12.08.2006, Frascati, Italy

The 50th European Go Congress was held in Frascati, a small hilltop city 20 km outside of Rome. Over 292 players took part in the main tournament, and there were many guests from China, Korean and Japan. Star guest was top 9 dan professional Takemiya Masaki.

There were several side events, including the European Masters, with its final between brother and sister Ilia Shikshin and Svetlana Shikshina. Svetlana won this; Alexandr Dinerchtein was third.

The 132 player Weekend Tournament was won by Lee Ki-Bong (Korea 7 dan) with 5 wins; second was Shinada Kei (Japan 4 dan) with 4 wins.

The new European Champion is Svetlana Shikshina (Russia 7 dan) who won 8 games. Open champion was Park Chi-Seon who squeezed Lee Ki-Bong into second by 1 point of second tie-break (SODOS). The group on 7 wins were Alexandr Dinerchtein, Yoshida Takao, Andrey Kulkov, Kai Naoyuki and Dragos Bajenaru.


Main Tournament
Weekend Tournament

Pair Go

There was a Pair Go tournament. The prize winners were:

  1. Monika Reimpell and Christian Gawron
  2. Karen Schomberg and Bernd Radmacher

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