The 51st European Go Congress

14.07.2007-28.07.2007, Villach, Austria

The 51st European Go Congress was held in Conference Center Villach in the south of Austria.

The final of the European Masters was between Russians Ilia Shikshin and Alexandr Dinerchtein, won by Alexandr.

The 366 player Weekend Tournament was won by Hong Seok-Ui from Korea 5 wins; second was Park Jong-Wook and third Cho Seok-Bin.

573 players took part in the main tournament, including some strong Koreans. The new European Champion is Ilya Shikshin (Russian 6 dan) who won 7 games and was placed ahead of Alexandr Dinerchtein by second tie-break (SOSOS). Open champion was Hong Seok-Ui on 9/10. Second and third were the same as the weekend with Park on 8/8 and Cho on 8/10. After Shikshin and Dinerchtein, the other player on 7/10 was Hong Seul-Ki, also from Korea.

There were several side events, including a 13x13 where Bronsilav Snidal (1 dan Czechia) headed the group on 5/6 to win. Hong Seok-Ui also won the rapid tournament with 7/8. Runner up was Antti Tormanen (4 dan Finland) on 6/8.


Main Tournament
Weekend Tournament
Rapid Tournament

Pair Go

There was a Pair Go tournament with 27 pairs. Photos.

  • 5 wins Maria Zakharchenko and Yury Pliushch
  • 4 wins Ting Li and Merijin de Jong
  • 4 wins Yaeko Izaki and Masao Izaki
  • 4 wins Kris Koch and Andreas Koch
  • 4 wins Marit Ohlenbusch and Deni Seitz


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