2nd Fudan - Europe Online Go Festival Starting Soon
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In August - September 2020, a competition between teams from Europe and from Shanghai Fudan University took place online. The tournament was held in a "win-and-continue" format which is often used in prestigious competitions such as the Nongshim Cup. In the first Fudan - Europe competition, each team consisted of eleven players whose level ranged from single-digit kyu to professional.

The friendly tournament was played at a pace of one game a day. In the beginning, Anna Melnyk 2k from Ukraine managed to eliminate four players from the Fudan University team catching the attention of Chinese media. Later Wang Zhiyuan 5d managed to beat five European players in a row. In the end, just one player was left in each of the teams: Artem Kachanovskyi 2p, and Shi Jinbo 3p. Shi Jinbo won the game and brought a victory to the Fudan University team. You can find out more about last year's competition in the article written by Artem.

This year the event will be even bigger. The win-and-continue tournament will be played in a similar way as last year. It will start next weekend, on the 25th of September. In addition, a youth match between six European and six Chinese players will start on Sunday, 19th of September. The first round will start at 9:00 AM CEST. Games will be played on the Yike Go Server.

Six promising players of the U12 category joined the European team. The Chinese team consists of students from the Blue Elephant School. The "Blue Elephant" is a school in Shanghai where children study calligraphy, painting, and go. It cooperates with the Fudan University Weiqi Association.

Weiqi lesson at the Blue Elephant School

In the above photo, you can see the coach of the Blue Elephant Go team - Aimee Ye 3p. She initiated the organization of the whole event.

Aimee Ye 3p with her students from the Blue Elephant School

Let's wish our players good luck and enjoy this wonderful event organized in cooperation with Fudan University!
2nd Fudan - Europe Online Go Festival Starting Soon
Stanisław Frejlak
19.09.2021 9:41
Stanisław Frejlak
19.09.2021 10:54
In the first round Europe won 5:1. European players showed a higher level than the Chinese opponent so in the second round some of the games are played with 2 handicaps:
Askar Khusainov - Chen Yuke
Alper Sulak - Wen Ziyue 2H
Tymoteusz Barcicki - Li Yuxuan
Mariia Chernova - Zhu Liyan 2H
Lea Wong - Zhu Yilin 2H
Bende Barcza - Ding Yinghao 2H
Stanisław Frejlak
19.09.2021 12:42
In the third round the pairings are changed:
Askar Khusainov - Chen Yuke
Alper Sulak - Zhi Yilin 2H
Tymoteusz Barcicki - Ding Yinghao 2H
Mariia Chernova - Wen Ziyue 2H
Lea Wong - Li Yuxuan 2H
Bende Barcza - Zhu Liyan
Stanisław Frejlak
25.09.2021 10:59
Links above have expired.
You can find working links to all the games on the pairings/results page:
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