SEYGO Tour 2019 - Stage 2: Jena, Germany
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 SEYGO Tour 2019 - Stage 2: Jena, Germany
We had the second stage of the SEYGO Tour in Jena, on 11/12 May 2019.  The total number of participants was only 17, however, it was a very happy time for everybody who joined. We had a full programme with a lot of side activities: 9x9 marathon tournament, a table soccer tournament, a 5x5 felt go tournament, go glitter tattoos, cinema (Hikaru no Go) and lessons in the evening.

Jena SEYGO Prizes
Nice set of the prizes in Jena

Nobody was bored at any time point. We played one tournament, taking care, that per age group everybody played the important game to decide the points and at the same time for having as many interesting games as possible per person.

We went into three schools in Jena before the tournament starts and taught Go to more than 100 students. Five of them were brave to come to the tournament. The youngest participant was 5 years old, coming from a kindergarten. Everybody won at least one game.

SEYGO Jena action

After enjoying the nice view from the 8th floor for two days, the results were:

1. Elian Grigoriu, 5d
2. Yaroslav Malko, 1d

1. Arved Pittner, 4d
2. Shukai Zhang, 2d
3. Andrew Zhang, 1d

1. Olesia Malko, 4k
2. Dragos Boldeanu, 1d
3. Miles Zhang, 13k

SEYGO Jena Winners
Because of the sponsorship from the city of Jena, we were able to give diplomas, medals, and presents to all participants. The first three of each category additionally got trophies and vouchers of the Jena International Go School.
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