SEYGO Points

Each participant in any tournament of the SEYGO Tour collects the SEYGO Points. Points are cumulative throughout the year and represent the qualification basis for the final ranking in each age group (U12 and U18).  For simplicity, as of 2022, in one calendar year a player participates in all SEYGO Tour competitions in one and the same age category, the one corresponding to the age on 1st January of that year. For example, the age limits for SEYGO Tour 2022 are: U12 if born in 2010 or later, U18 if born in 2004 or later. 

SEYGO 2021 - U12 - final standings

SEYGO 2021 - U18 - final standings

In the following PDF  the final SEYGO points by age groups after the EYGC 2021 and after 5 Stages  SEYGO 2021 are available in more detail:

SEYGO Tour 2021 - SEYGOPoints

How to earn SEYGO Points at SEYGO open tournaments?

SEYGO Points can be earned in two ways: by reaching a specific stage in a Knock-Out (KO) tournament and by playing any game in a SEYGO tournament (game points).

Points according to the specific KO stage in 2022 are valued in the following way: Quarter Finals – 128 points, Semi Finals – 256 points, Finals – 512 points, Winner – 1024 points. If there are less than 4 players in any of age groups, the number of points awarded is only a half of usual values. If the tournament is played online, the number of points awarded is a half of usual values (Winner gets 512 points etc).

Game points: win – 24 points, loss – 6 points (for online tournaments: win – 12 points, loss – 3 points). It is clear there are no losers in SEYGO Tour!

How to earn SEYGO Points at EYGC?

Yes, the European Youth Go Championship IS an important tournament for children and youth! Since it is a specific, official tournament with a so-called Top Group, the number of SEYGO Game Points will be distributed depending if the player was in the Top Group or not. For SEYGO 2022, players in the Top Group get 256 points for each win, and 64 points for each loss. Players outside of the Top Group get 64 points for each win, and 16 points for each loss. Points will be awarded to players who participated in at least one SEYGO event in 2022.

The detailed calculations of SEYGO points related to change of age groups and other matters are explained in the SEYGO project document.