Tournament Fees and Subscriptions

The regular entry fees for a single SEYGO tournament are 20 EUR for dan players (rated above 2000 in EGD), 15 EUR for single digit kyu players (rated between 1000 and 2000 in EGD) and 10 EUR for double digit kyu players (rated below 1000 points in EGD).

The way we see it, 15 EUR represents the standard entry fee. Since dan players have a very high chance to get prizes and double digit kyu players join the tournaments for learning and experience, we wanted to make it as fair as possible for everyone in the tournament.

Our subscription system is meant as a way to make it easier for players who want to play a lot in SEYGO.

A subscription is a yearly fee that will grant access to all SEYGO events of that year. The subscription system preserves our philosophy in regard to the entry fees and thus the values are once again adjusted to the rank of the player: 50 EUR for dan players, 40 EUR for single digit players and 30 EUR for double digit players. For players who want to play all SEYGO events this goes up to a 50% discount  in entry fees value.

Prize System

The prize policy of SEYGO Tour consists of two parts:

  • Local organizers of SEYGO Tour events will award best players and beginners in each age group (U12 and U18) with appropriate prizes: trophies, medals, gadgets, books, Go schools vouchers, etc.
  • The “money”-prizes at SEYGO Tour events will be announced as cash numbers by the organizers, but will be awarded in the form of vouchers at the end of the season. A voucher represents the cash value of the “money”- prize awarded. The SEYGO voucher system is a solution to the widespread mentality that cash prizes should not be given to small children. It emphasizes delayed gratification, a concept essential for masterful play of the Go game.
  • As of 2021, SEYGO Vouchers are expanded to EGF/SEYGO Vouchers, which means that prizes awarded at 26th European Youth Go Championships, 15-17th October 2021, shall be a part of the SEYGO Voucher system.

Vouchers can be used to:

  • cover accommodation and meals cost at future SEYGO events,
  • cover accommodation and meals cost at the EYGC (European Youth Go Championships), 
  • cover EGF Academy fees,
  • cover JIGS costs,
  • access teaching from European professional players, who are willing to teach,

When the youth becomes 18 years as of SEYGO 2022, he/she is no longer able to play in SEYGO, thus will receive all unused vouchers total value in real currency (Euro). 

How to use a voucher

At latest two weeks before a SEYGO event, the owner of the voucher informs the SEYGO team of his/her wish to use a certain amount of money from the SEYGO account. The information is sent to the local organizer and the account value is adjusted accordingly.

For JIGS or EGF Academy fee payments, the owner of the voucher should inform the SEYGO team of the specific amount requested. The information will be sent to the managers of those institutions and data will be adjusted accordingly. 

Strong points of this system 

  • It encourages participation at future SEYGO events.
  • It motivates organizers to raise standards of their event.
  • Children get cash prizes without actually receiving the money.
  • Parents can still choose to reward their children with cash (total expenses for them are the same). The really good point here is that the decision-making is passed to the parent.

General remarks 

  • Vouchers are cumulative.
  • Vouchers can be used by accompanying persons (with prize winner or parent agreement).
  • Vouchers do not lose value over time, they can be used in different years from the year the prize was awarded.
  • Any prize winner gets a 'SEYGO account ', his name and voucher value will be added to a general list.
  • Once a voucher was used, the SEYGO account of the owner is adjusted accordingly.

The actual cash flow is managed between the SEYGO team and the European Go Federation. The "Balance" will be continuously updated according to the usage of SEYGO Vouchers by the players.